Fires Of Liberty

Final Moments

Somehow I felt it would all come down to this. There is no other choice and I will not hesitate to do what is right. Handing my lightsabers to Kali, I ask her to give them to Sabawyn.
As I entered the chamber, I knew this was what I was meant to do even before I ever knew. This was the will of the Force. Before I realized, Dargrania and Kylo Ren were thrown in as well and the door secured.
“That’s not what I had in mind!” Not sure if they can hear me outside the chamber, but it was unexpected. The chamber began to whine and I had one last thing to do before I am unable. I opened myself up fully to the Force and reached out, not only to Sabawyn, but my siblings as well. “I don’t have much time, but you must understand that I made this choice willingly. The only way to power the device capable of stopping the Maw, is a Force user. I do this of my own free will to make sure the rest of you have a future. While I will be gone, Sabawyn will be a part of our family now. What happens after this is what you must choose. I love you all.”
The sound in the chamber began to grow louder as I felt the Force flowing through me quickly. I was not necessarily a battery but a conduit. I let the flow of the Force open up completely and experienced a connection to the Force stronger than ever.
Something seemed to feel like it was mixing with my own thoughts, trying to force me down into darkness. I felt it was trying to stop what was happening. I could not let it. I drew upon the pure connection to the Force I felt and pushed back against the intrusion. I felt like my consciousness was rising, like surfacing from a lake of water. I feel different but the same…………..

Countdown to the End
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

We were fighting Vrask Isack and at first things seemed to be going fine. Suddenly it all went sideways. A part of my arm was taken off, before I could even register the pain there was an explosion and it all went dark.

When I finally came too, there was a huge hole in the floor and Vrask was long gone. Most everyone went down the hole while myself and the female Selonian stayed with Kali. I suddenly felt more unease than before and looked up to see some kind of giant spider-like creature that vaguely resembles a Harch. Rik-Tik-Tik, I presume and he has probably thrown his lot in with the author.

Cavisek's Desert Log
Day 1

Woke up today in a strange ghost town. Last thing I remember was fighting some Rhodian thugs at a bar. Then just bright light and pain. Looks like I have been asleep for a few days in what ever sort of makeshift medical set up is here. Found a holo-recorder with a note that say “Play Me”. It seems to be a message for me from who ever brought me here. The identified themsleves as PKZ-13, which is weird cause they looked like a Selonian, not a droid. They seem to have left me here as some sort of punishment. They have left me everything i need to survive for months here it seems. Guess ill explore around the town and see what sort of shit I got myself into this time.

The Unavoidable Confrontation
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

We have made it to Centerpoint. It is much bigger than I had expected. We docked and were given a less than warm welcome. Given some of our reputations this is not unreasonable. Luckily I had a identification made by Hargenn before I left Spintir. It was an interesting near reversal of my own name, “Mial Enarud” from Onderon. It got me past with no issue. Have to admit, that young one’s checkered past provided some useful skills.

Most of us proceeded to find the archeological guild, to get whatever maps or data we could to find what we were looking for. This turned out to be more than just making a simple request. Only recognized members could have access to these items. The Force had conveniently crossed our paths with a female Selonian archeologist. She was eagerly accepted once she showed them ancient Sith amulet she had found on Tund. A dangerous object that may need dealing with once this is done and most likely of some interest of Dargrania’s.

We gathered and made our way through some of the more unknown parts of the station. Coming upon a form of control room occupied by a couple scientist/explorer types with inflated egos. I really have to learn to be less antagonistic when dealing with people. As we were explaining what we had come there for, we had a new arrival. One that was going to be encountered eventually. The Author’s new “Butcher”, Vrask Issack. I guess it’s time to face down a monster most of us are responsible for creating. I can’t hold back, he is a threat to the entire galaxy now that he has taken on with the Author.

Enroute to the Centerpoint of Hope
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

We have done so many things these last few years and missed so much more. What happened at that ancient ring station was a bigger warning of what was to come than I realized or the Force hinted to. Maybe this is how it was supposed to be?

K’rk revealed many things on Tund, as did the Chiss we encountered there. Now we are on our way to Centerpoint Station, supposedly the hub of this relay network to activate some form of device and stop this “Maw” from devouring every planet in the galaxy. My first of many questions is, how are we going to find it and turn it on.

Squatter's Rights
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

The face off with the Sith seems to have produced some interesting items. I was able to retrieve a case full of several kyber crystals. Such things should be handled carefully. Something Kali is good at with her desires to experiment and tinker. Not long after handing them off to her for safekeeping, I felt a pull to a cabinet. The pull was dark and cold. Upon opening the cabinet, I found it filled with Sith Holocrons. Such dark knowledge is to dangerous for anyone to have, so I simply used my lightsaber to rid the galaxy of these dark devices of teachings.

Many of us had become somewhat bothered by the lack of information on this place. Considering the little bits being spoken by K’rk and what we have been discovering. While I just wanted some explanation, Kell and Dargrania took more drastic measures to gain information in the form of threatening death. I only learned it was something that could stop the Maw and then the comms went silent for a few minutes. Something more is being hidden, the question is what.

We gathered together and took a lift to proceed further down into the complex. We soon heard small explosions and the lift stopped. Someone had set a trap. We squeezed out of the lift and then heard a commanding voice in the distance in an alien language. A language I recognize as Chiss. What is the Ascendancy doing here and what is there objective? It seems everyone just wants to come here and claim it as theirs. Seems a bit dangerous considering the radioactive state of the planet.

Ancient Remnants
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

We’ve arrived at a planet called Tund, somewhere on the Outer Rim. The entire surface appears to be an irradiated wasteland. According to K’rk, the radiated zones can be navigated to where he is trying to lead us to. I feel something very dark ahead of us here. It did n’t take us long to arrive at the location specified by K’rk. When we arrived , there was a Selonian Cone Ship already there. Without so much as a hailing message, Cavisek blew it apart with a missile. I think he still has some paranoia from when his sister and fiancĂ© tried to forcibly take him back to his homeworld.

Once we landed, it was obvious someone had disturbed the area recently. Not long after that discovery, Jade took a rocket to the tasting palette. Apparently the owner of the Cone Ship didn’t like losing her ride. After talking out the issue with no bloodshed, which is odd for most of this group, the female Selonian joined us is entering the structure the K’rk had brought us to.

Even though the structure did not appear to have been functionally used in some time, it also appeared to have been rummaged through recently by someone. This was not the doing of the new Selonian that accompanied us. We made our way to a room that looked much like a council room similar to ones the Jedi had used. This is when I discovered the strong Force signature that felt as if from everywhere and the darkness it brought with it. It was completely clear the Sith had twisted this place when they discovered the enormous Force energy it held.

We proceeded further in and found what looked like a giant capacitor. After Kali inspected it, she informed us it was exactly like the ancient starship that was on Ibaar. The was someone or something inside providing Force energy to power the structure. As much as I dislike saying this, I don’t know if removing who or what is inside is a safe course of action at this time. It was at this point that Zarof manipulated a keypad control to turn more functions on as if he had been here when it was built, over 20,000 years ago, which would be impossible. He said he had been here before, another unlikely possibility as he did not mention any familiarity when we arrived. After talking to Batarang on some events I had missed, it is very possible Zarof might not be who or what he says he is. Possibly a link to this being called the “Author” the group has been speaking about recently.

Now that the elevator was functional, we proceeded to the next level. After only moving through a small area of this level, we came upon a room that was not as deserted as the rest of the structure. There were three red skinned humanoid being with fleshy like tiny tendrils near the edge of their mouths. I had seen picture of being such as this in the archives of the Dawn Temple. They were thought to have been completely extinct, these were Sith. The actual species that led to the name being applied to the followers of multiple species of dark side Force-users. Ancient structure with the remnants of an ancient race thought long died out. A discovery that poses a significant a real threat.

Race Against the Clock
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

I knew we would find a way to disable the forcefield around the mansion, but the hover skiff crashing the party caught me by surprise. We were able to locate everyone but Kali and Batarang were rendered unconcious by the skiff falling into the main banquet room.

Once we had Cavisek up to speed on Yak Yiyar’s threats, he surprised me by suggesting we split up to save both mine and Kali’s families. I did not imagine he would have since I am not a part of his crew. Even more surprising was he is coming with me to save my family, while Kell and the rest head for Kali’s.

Since Cavisek has had the most experiences with high speed piloting, he glady took the wheel. I have to say, I was impressed by his handling in a speeder. I doubt anyone could have matched his skill. We got to my family’s residence in record time. Since our assassin friend was blinded, we decided it was better to leave him on the exterior while we swept the residence interior.

When we decided to breach the door, Cavisek did not hold back. In fact, he knocked the door clear out of the entry and into the house. We both got inside to face off against a few Rodian henchmen of the Yiyar Clan. We quickly dispatched the Rodians in the first room. Cavisek then moved faster than I had ever could have conceivably imagined and took out not only the ones upstairs but the ones that were in the dining room holding my family hostage.

Once that was over, he keenly discovered the bomb planted in the house. We got my family out to safety, now we just have to find a place for them to lay low for awhile. I feel I owe Cavisek a debt that I can only pay by joining up with his crew. Since the best place for me to send my family to lay low is probably Port Tuga. My only other concern is hopefully Kell and the others had just as much success rescuing Kali’s family.

A Father's Need for Revenge
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

An encounter with Yak Yiyar, can’t say it’s a surprise. He holds me as one of the responsible parties for the death of his sons. While I was there and participated in the fight, I did not strike any of the killing blows. Nor did I attempt to strike a fatal blow. I simply defended myself. But this will not satisfy the anger of Yak. He has made his intentions clear to myself and Kali. Either we kill Cavisek and the rest of the crew or he kills our families.

While he made the threat, I feel his attempt against my family to not be as dire as he believes it to be. Some strange sensation seems to be comforting my thoughts of my siblings safety. However, Kali’s family feels more vulnerable. They only way to help them is to find a way past the forcefield Yak has put in place. Kali has an idea, but will need time to finish. If I must reveal what I am publicly, so she can achieve her results, then I will do so. Luckily neuranium can conceal the energy reading of a diatium power cell. I just hope I will not need them.

Gala of Vengeance
Liam Durane's Journal

Kuat, never thought I would be back here anytime soon. I find myself drawn to the event being held at the Mechanus estate. Even though my family generation was of humble living, my great uncle was the Royal Weapons Master to Bail Organa. This distant noble connection gives me some credibility in attending high class social events.

More than I expected was at that event. Looks like the Force keeps bringing me into the path of Cavisek. Kali, Kell & Batarang are still with him. So is a few others I had never seen before. The most curious is an old woman, who appears to be Miralukan. She is dangerous, I can feel the darkness emanating from her. But, she is not the only one. Another stronger in the Force then myself and the old woman. I find the source, Unix Carlisle, her eyes fixed on Kali in a menacing way.

I spoke with Kali and she told me something even more unexpected. Sabawyn was alive and on their ship. It shouldn’t be possible, but somehow she had survived. Before I could say much else, another guest was announced. Yak Yiyar, the father of the three Rodians we clashed with on the Miser’s Courage. This night will not be ending well. Too many individuals that want us dead and have the resources to do it. This will be more than an interesting evening.


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