Fires Of Liberty

Race Against the Clock
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

I knew we would find a way to disable the forcefield around the mansion, but the hover skiff crashing the party caught me by surprise. We were able to locate everyone but Kali and Batarang were rendered unconcious by the skiff falling into the main banquet room.

Once we had Cavisek up to speed on Yak Yiyar’s threats, he surprised me by suggesting we split up to save both mine and Kali’s families. I did not imagine he would have since I am not a part of his crew. Even more surprising was he is coming with me to save my family, while Kell and the rest head for Kali’s.

Since Cavisek has had the most experiences with high speed piloting, he glady took the wheel. I have to say, I was impressed by his handling in a speeder. I doubt anyone could have matched his skill. We got to my family’s residence in record time. Since our assassin friend was blinded, we decided it was better to leave him on the exterior while we swept the residence interior.

When we decided to breach the door, Cavisek did not hold back. In fact, he knocked the door clear out of the entry and into the house. We both got inside to face off against a few Rodian henchmen of the Yiyar Clan. We quickly dispatched the Rodians in the first room. Cavisek then moved faster than I had ever could have conceivably imagined and took out not only the ones upstairs but the ones that were in the dining room holding my family hostage.

Once that was over, he keenly discovered the bomb planted in the house. We got my family out to safety, now we just have to find a place for them to lay low for awhile. I feel I owe Cavisek a debt that I can only pay by joining up with his crew. Since the best place for me to send my family to lay low is probably Port Tuga. My only other concern is hopefully Kell and the others had just as much success rescuing Kali’s family.

A Father's Need for Revenge
Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

An encounter with Yak Yiyar, can’t say it’s a surprise. He holds me as one of the responsible parties for the death of his sons. While I was there and participated in the fight, I did not strike any of the killing blows. Nor did I attempt to strike a fatal blow. I simply defended myself. But this will not satisfy the anger of Yak. He has made his intentions clear to myself and Kali. Either we kill Cavisek and the rest of the crew or he kills our families.

While he made the threat, I feel his attempt against my family to not be as dire as he believes it to be. Some strange sensation seems to be comforting my thoughts of my siblings safety. However, Kali’s family feels more vulnerable. They only way to help them is to find a way past the forcefield Yak has put in place. Kali has an idea, but will need time to finish. If I must reveal what I am publicly, so she can achieve her results, then I will do so. Luckily neuranium can conceal the energy reading of a diatium power cell. I just hope I will not need them.

Gala of Vengeance
Liam Durane's Journal

Kuat, never thought I would be back here anytime soon. I find myself drawn to the event being held at the Mechanus estate. Even though my family generation was of humble living, my great uncle was the Royal Weapons Master to Bail Organa. This distant noble connection gives me some credibility in attending high class social events.

More than I expected was at that event. Looks like the Force keeps bringing me into the path of Cavisek. Kali, Kell & Batarang are still with him. So is a few others I had never seen before. The most curious is an old woman, who appears to be Miralukan. She is dangerous, I can feel the darkness emanating from her. But, she is not the only one. Another stronger in the Force then myself and the old woman. I find the source, Unix Carlisle, her eyes fixed on Kali in a menacing way.

I spoke with Kali and she told me something even more unexpected. Sabawyn was alive and on their ship. It shouldn’t be possible, but somehow she had survived. Before I could say much else, another guest was announced. Yak Yiyar, the father of the three Rodians we clashed with on the Miser’s Courage. This night will not be ending well. Too many individuals that want us dead and have the resources to do it. This will be more than an interesting evening.

Needle in a Haystack Made of Needles
J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #8

Kuat, one of the most densely populated and advanced worlds in the Galactic Core. Supposedly this is where we will find the next piece of our journey. Sounds a little like hogwash. But with everything I have seen lately, hogwash is the new truth.
We only have two obstacles. The first is the restriction on weapons and armor. It will be harder to deal with any kind of threat with just basic blades and slugthrower pistols. The second is trying to find what we are looking for without knowing who or what it is, especially on one of the busiest worlds in the galaxy.
Cavisek decides to do what he does best and hit up the local dives for information. Most of us decide to go with him. I figured it is better to stick by the captain in case trouble finds him as it seems to quite often. While he doesn’t cause or look for it, it seems to seek him out regularly. For a pirate he conducts business in a way I am used to, only without political agenda motivating it. Makes this run easier to deal with in some ways.
Dargrania and the Bothan went over to some church while Kali and Batarang took interest in Fulcrum Industries. Kali’s destination doesn’t surprise me, if it’s technological she is going to poke around.
I am sure you know the old saying, “there is always quiet before the storm”. Well it was quiet until the news feed announced Theo Mechanus was alive and found by two Chadra-Fan. Only on planet for half an hour and we have already called attention to ourselves. This has to be some kind of record.
Cavisek managed to roll with it and is planning our next stop, the evening gala at Jeda Mechanus’ estate. This is going to be an interesting evening, probably one that does not end with a good night’s rest. Good thing I am used to not sleeping.

Broken, to be Remade
Dargrania's musings

I’ve been given some time to reflect on my actions. Lying here, facing towards the sky, I reflect on my most recent mistake, and the events leading to it. “Provoking the child was not a smart move.” I say to the empty sky, and yet my lips do not move.
Why am I here? Because I provoked a child strong in the Force, by attempting to intimidate her into ending her panicked flailing with the Force. What happened? I was sent flying upward, and broke through the outer hull of my captains ship. How am I alive? In a moment of foresightedness, I wisely decided to envelop myself in the protective embrace of the Force. Of course, said protection failed me, as I now lie broken on the hull of the ship, but I live.
Darkness threatens to envelop me, but the pain stirs my consciousness, giving me focus and extending my awareness.
I am left to ponder. ‘You shall face foes with powers beyond your understanding.’ The words of the dark one drift into my mind. Snoke, the leader of the First Order; his words speaking of my future puzzled me. I have known countless adversaries throughout my life, and many where once far stronger than I could entirely comprehend, but such foes had always been finite, and as such, ultimately fell to doom. But the magnitude of power I felt from this child, this power that seemed to dwarf even mine while I was at my peak, forces me to consider, could this be what he was warning me of?
… No. The dark one would not have warned me of the power held by a simple child. He called me ‘Ancient One’, he obviously holds some awareness of my identity. He must know the powers I have seen, he must know the challenges I have faced, many of which would make this encounter look easy by comparison… No, this was not what he warned about. Instead, it is something else, something greater, darker, something far more terrifying…
A laugh sounds, though I cannot move.
“Are you afraid?”
Of course.
“Will you run then?”
I want to.
“What will you do?”
What I’ve always done.
“Oh?” He leans in expectantly, I can imagine his piercing gaze hovering over my face. “And what’s that?”
I raise my head slightly, nearly touching… “Triumph, as always.”
And my Ghost does not answer. He does not need to. He cannot. He is not. I don’t require him to. My decision is made.
I shall start with me. Nothing will prevent my return to what I once was. I will recover my power. Strengthen myself. Discover my lost knowledge. Build myself up. Experiment. Change. Grow. Kill. Nothing will stop me.
The powers I cannot understand? I shall fight them. They are greater than me. But so where many of my defeated enemies. Nothing has changed. I am still the weak, targeting the strong. I shall close the gap, take measures to ensure victory, and ultimately emerge the victor.

I should give the dark one a gift. Perhaps he would repay in kind…

Interesting meetings
J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #7

We were pulled down onto this mysterious planet and found it to be in the hands of The First Order. We expected interrogation, but were greeted like expected guests.
They proceeded to escort us into a facility, until we came to a very large set of obsidian doors. The black clad guards opened the doors with what seemed like the space magic I have heard about many times during my life.
We continued inside until we stood at the foot of a large throne made of obsidian just like the chamber doors. There was a more who looked as if he had been put through a grinder. We were standing before the leader of the entire First Order, Snoke.
He spoke of the Author and the threat he represents to the entire galaxy. Then he questioned each of us about our purpose. Once he was done, he granted what we came to this planet for, the skills of the doctor known as Theo.
Theo came to the ship and examined the mysterious alien body, that we now knew was called a Yuuzhon Vong. He would not allow us to observe the examination.As we waited we soon heard Theo asking for help in the Med Bay. When we got there we saw what was so concerning.
Sabawyn had awakened from her comatose state and was choking the doctor with the Force. Pieces of the Yuuzhon Vong were everywhere. It is no doubt the sight of this was an incredible shock to Sabawyn to wake up to. We attempted to calm or sedate her but failed as she attacked us with her Force abilities. We managed to distract her until Theo was able to inject her with a sedative. No we must figure out what to do to keep her from going crazy when she wakes up again.
One of the crew suggested we find someone named Liam. Apparently he is someone with some kind of personal relationship that may be helpful in keeping her in check. Soon we will head to Kuat, as Snoke told us the next piece of our journey lies there.

Dying on the inside is great
Dargranias Mental Processes

Do you know how it feels to have everything you know and love lost to you and you realize that they never got a chance to find out what happened to you and that must have felt terrible and how much pain was felt especially those kriffing idiots who did the stealing away of the you while said everything you lost tore through their collective hides and you just wish the galaxy would just wither and die or be swallowed up by a supermassive black hole?
I now do.

I woke up in what passes for a field hospital on Tatooine, mildly surprised that I was able to move at all. Trying to recall the details of how I landed myself here among the wounded and unconscious, I realized with a start that all of my equipment was gone. And I nearly screamed bloody murder. Thankfully though, I was able to locate Kronk while he, Cavisek, and the crew where attempting to locate their equipment. Their efforts led us to an establishment run by a Toydarian named Steve, or something to that effect… Stressing a need for haste, Kronk dealt with him, securing us easy access to the stored equipment, enabling some of ours to lift some extra equipment along with our own in the process. Just one problem arose by this point; my equipment was nowhere to be seen. Furious, I confronted the Toydarian and demanded to know what happened to my possessions, only to be told that the little bastard never received my equipment in the first place.
Needless to say, this information angered me. Desperate to find my possessions, I stormed out of the establishment, determined to find whoever was foolish enough to steal from me, and subject them to horrors their worst nightmares wouldn’t be able to create. Then Kali entered my view, and I remembered the information I gleaned from her mind; she was the crew’s mechanic! I immediately asked if it were possible for her to track comm signals from my armor, and I provided the frequency I last left it on. She responded affirmatively, and set to work deploying small droids into the area, which apparently allowed her to start tracking the signal. After some time, her efforts yielded a location, a ruined settlement of sorts known locally as the Tusken Fortress. Inquiring with the locals about the place yielded many bewildered responses, with most insisting it was too dangerous to approach, even via air. Knowing from personal experience the vicious nature of Tusken warriors, I could understand their fear, but this would not dissuade me. I demanded that we head out to the fort, and crush it in an attempt to recover what was mine. My wishes where met with almost no resistance, surprisingly, and the crew began making plans to fly over the location and bombard the fort from above if it proved to be a dangerous location. I agreed to this course of action, as it was better that my personal items be destroyed along with the thieves, than have the memories they represent defiled by their touch. I anticipated slaughter, and I got it.
We approached the fort from high altitude, anticipating some sort of counterattack, but surprisingly encountered nothing. Seeing this as strange, the crew began scanning the area for signs of inhabitants, and found to our surprise, a sandcrawler and a group of Jawas occupying the fort. Several of the crew debated setting down and talking with them, but to my delight, Kronk sprang into action! Clearly anticipating a fight, based on our previous discussions, he targeted the sandcrawler with the ship’s missile systems, and fired! The shot was perfect. It tore completely through the behemoth, raining fire and molten metal everywhere! Jawas where flung in pieces every direction imaginable, and the searing heat ignited everything in the area, leading to the death of countless Jawa thieves. When we landed to inspect Kronk’s handiwork, I was amazed and delighted to find that my personal effects where present and miraculously unharmed! The Jawa who held my prizes was quite the sight to behold, kneeling on the ground, staring up into the sky with tears of cauterized blood fused to its face, clutching my lightsaber and cortosis armor in its cracked and scorched hands. Overjoyed I retrieved my effects and immediately replaced the ragged ensemble I had on me with my proper attire, aahhh… my perfectly crafted armor, freshly scented with the surrounding carnage, my crimson blade, humming and snapping delightfully as I tested it on the corpse that once held it. The vulnerability that I had been feeling all this while slips away, and I feel so delighted by what happened that I immediately seek out Kronk and honestly praise his excellent decision to eradicate the vermin and his displayed skill as a weapons expert. He will definitely be of use to me in the future…
Having finished with the Jawa’s, we returned to town, and our captain and crew began to investigate the explosion that had rendered us unconscious to begin with. My usefulness unfortunately was reduced, as we soon discovered a corpse within the debris, close to the epicenter of the explosion, that seemed to “push the force away”. This severely hampered my efforts to help, as attempting to enter the vicinity was enough to render me powerless and effectively blind. Unable to perform an autopsy on the cadaver, while our captain made arrangements to travel in search of a doctor from his earlier years, I took it upon myself to familiarize myself with the recent galactic events, and accessed his ship’s holofeeds. And immediately something struck me as strange. The events and dates mentioned in the news feeds I could access did not match with any ongoing events or conflicts I could remember. Headlines about power struggles with the New Republic and First Order dominated the feeds, and conflicts with other factions that had not been in play during the height of my power where everywhere throughout the galaxy. I brought my questions about this to other members of the crew, and they became equally confused, claiming to know nothing about several conflicts I made mention of, and seemingly thinking the dates I gave to them where part of a separate “Miralukan calendar”. I even mentioned the name of the Republic’s Supreme Chancellor (the Twi’lek, Leontyne Saresh), and only received blank looks, with everyone claiming to have never heard of her. Unfortunately, my access to the holonet was quite restricted on this vessel, and I determined that the best course of action would be to check a terminal at our next port… and so we left for Kessel…
The travel was largely uneventful, and we landed unhindered, a good start to our journey. There where some minor distractions here and there, mostly traders attempting to stop us and sell some of their product. It was here that I was given information about a fascinating new drug called Frangawl, and informed by my crew that it supposedly was made of people, and that force users seemed to be involved either in the manufacture or as an ingredient. Facinated, I convinced Cavisek to obtain some samples for me to test, netting me five vials of one dose apiece. Afterwords, seeing that I would not be needed in searching for the doctor in question, I made my way to an access terminal…
And so, here I stand, finally with access to a terminal that feeds into the galactic Holonet. And what I have found, disturbs me. I now know the truth of my fate; through the machinations of unknown enemies, I was locked away from the galaxy, and have emerged in my weakened state several millennia beyond my last memories. My senses twist and roil around me, I can no longer see anything clearly. Visions begin to flash in my mind, revealing conflicting events, old memories of battle, suffering and death blend with visions of my allies and closest friends searching, fighting, bleeding, suffering, wailing, torturing, raging, burning, killing, failing, falling, and crying out in despair. My strongest vision grasps me and I double over in agony, old wounds burning angrily as they remember the pain I have suffered, I see my two. My lovely two. The only two that matter. My Ghost and my Spymaster. He searches the void of space, endlessly seeking, endlessly questioning, never finding. He never weeps, he presses forward always, he cannot break, he confides in her… She investigates, uproots the conspiracy, questions the involved, only to be denied as they fall on their own blades in defiance. She silently despairs, but stands tall and performs her duty, she directs his shadow, both in unison, both broken, never to be whole…
My wounds, the pain bleeds into my stomach. Bile rises in my throat, heat travels up my chest, chills down my spine. I swallow, the vision loses power, I can’t discern my fears from actual visions, I imagine ghosts that should not exist surrounding me. Looking on in worry, fear, disgust, rage. My two stand before me. The pain rages, tearing, biting, cutting, burning, searing, my heart feels it shall burst. They reach out for me. I reach back… the vision ends. I am standing alone. Barely a second has passed. My lightsaber is in hand. The terminal blinks, drawing my attention again. The pain flows forth like a wave, my saber carries it in wild arcs. I scream, my rage building as I tear into the terminal, flecks of molten metal scatters in all directions, sparks erupt from cut conduits, bouncing harmlessly off me. A molten pile of slag and wire greets me as my senses return. My anger begins to cool, but my attention turns to something I find myself holding. One of the vials. The Frangawl. It seems almost to invite me, and I sense that I would enjoy imbibing it. My hand shakes, I raise the vial…
“Don’t.” She says. I stop my hand. “Chemical analysis.” He says. I gaze at the vial curiously. Yes… it would be the height of foolishness to try an unknown substance on myself without knowing its contents an purpose… “You will have to wait for another time.” I say to the little vial as I tuck it away. “We need to be rational.” I can imagine her saying. This is true, I have to keep my wits about me, in this strange new existence. “We have to prioritize survival; first thing is to obtain resources and identify potential allies.” I can almost hear him say. Already on it, provided my judgment of Cavisek and his crew was right. Ah, well… I suppose I already have a proper ally if I count Kronk… even if I only have known him for a few days… “Really…” I can imagine both of them shaking their heads exasperated, clearly displeased that that I am letting my emotion rule my thoughts. I chuckle softly at them… but they are not there to hear it. I choke back a sob…
Do you know how it feels…

Unexpected Luck
J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #6

Just when I thought Lilja Zepatt had drawn my number, some explosion saves me from the inside of an unregistered prison cell. All of us wake up in what passes for a field hospital on Tatooine. It doesn’t take us long to group back up and find our gear. Well most of our gear, this angry Miralukan woman’s gear was missing. She suggested a way to track down her gear with Kali’s electronic expertise.

We get a tracker and follow the signal to the ruins of Fort Tusken. We board Cavisek’s ship and proceed to low orbit to bombard any Sand People inside. Except, we found a Jawa Sandcrawler instead of Sand People. One of our new allies, Kronk, blasted it to hell. We landed and recovered the missing equipment.

We then proceeded back to Mos Eisley to see what we could find from the explosion site. In the course of our investigation, we found a datapad and a dead alien corpse that was unlike any species we know. Even more interesting, is that it created a blank spot in the Miralukan woman’s Force perception, to the point of making her blind when in close proximity.

We found a container to block the effect and took the body and datapad back to the ship. Kali retrieved the datapad contents that pointed the origin of the explosive to the Yiyar Clan. Dargrania was unable to find a way to study the body without being blinded by the whatever unusual effect emanated from the body. Cavisek decided finding a capable doctor to study this body was the more important priority and we then set course for Kessel to find a man named Theo.

The beginnings of my life as a pirate!
Dargrania's monologue

My name is Dargrania. I have many other names, but this is the only one I’m giving out to vermin like you. You might be wondering why I’m monologuing to myself like this; and the answer comes in two parts!
First, I’m crazy! Yay me!
Second, I’m pissed off and bored with this dusty world, I have to entertain myself somehow! (Oh, and before I forget, a quick shoutout to any fellow mind-readers! Wooo!!! Btw, definitely gonna kill you!)

So the first thing to cover is where the hell am I, and what is my situation…
My situation started with awakening in a device I did not recognize, and locked in a facility I could not remember. As I groggily checked myself over, I realized I was wearing my armor, and my weapon still hung on my belt. This did lead to some confusion, as my presence here is likely thanks to one of my many enemies. Realizing that my life may be in danger, I began to make my way outside. I emerged from the facility (half buried in a mountain of sand) that held me, with a battered and broken body screaming about wounds I cannot recall taking. It took all of my strength just to call upon the Force to help move my body the way I wanted.
It was almost two days before I found something alive out there. I consumed it, and my march continued. Eventually, I was lucky enough to come across some scavengers who where poking around the desert. I helped myself to their food and water supplies, along with a medical kit they won’t be needing, and moved on towards the nearest source of civilization. My strength is returning slowly. Far too slowly… the excess of my strength, I feel, has been ripped away. I fear I am a shell of my former self…

So I found out I’m on Tatooine. One of my two least favorite planets. Hurling curses into the cosmos, I decide to take swift action, and find someone to get me off this world. Naturally, I started with a cantina. Specifically, a cantina by the name of “Kings Curse” or something like it… (didn’t care much about the name, I just wanted a drink and a place to sort out a way off this planet) So I walk in, and all the wary patrons turn their heads to me for just the briefest of moments. I stretch my senses across the room, hoping to get a feel for the crowd. Some eye me with suspicion, but most seem unimpressed, and return to their drinks and conversations. Not surprising really, seeing as several of the customers here are flaunting even more outrageous getups than I. “This will do”, I think to myself, and I move to the bar to order my drink. With drink in hand, (‘Reactor Core’ for any of you knowledgeable drinkers) I move through the tables, reading their thoughts as I pass, looking for anyone worth interacting with. (Nothing, no skill, disgusting, amusing: but no.) Then finally, something interesting. The Klatooinian in the back, he catches my attention; firstly by being the least hostile mind in the lot of them, secondly, he seems… durable. Far more durable than most of these scraps of meat. I approach and motion toward the seat across from him. He nods in acceptance, and I sit.

Introductions are made; his name is Kronk, this is the best cantina on Tatooine (according to him, of course), and he won’t be able to remember my name. I admit his straightforward nature caught me a bit off guard. Attempting to recover, I reached for his mind, and found simple clarity. His thoughts matched his words almost precisely, and I could feel thoughts of worry towards my apparent blindness (according to his perspective) starting to form as he declared he would simply call me ‘Blind’. I chuckle at this, and assured him that this would be fine, and I let him start rambling on about how great this cantina is. His nature is amusing. I think I will keep this one for the time being.
After a time, figures of some note began to enter. Kronk, still describing the goings on here (his misguided attempts at aiding me are so amusing), begins to point out the ones he can recognize; the tall male Selonian (huh, that’s rare) and the male Chadra-Fan where Cavisek and Batarang, pirates of some note in the criminal circles, followed by what seem to be their crews. I immediately perk up at this; “Pirates!” I whisper giddily to myself. I’ve always liked pirates! Such amusing stories they have! I decide then and there that one of them will be my way off planet. Having no basis for this decision, and no knowledge of who they are (which is strange now that I think about it… I know a good number of the noteworthy criminals…), I decide to read them while I listen to Kronk continue his narrations.
A few things happened around this time, but I didn’t care about them, so all they get is a slight mention. Something about several people approaching Cavisek to ask for a place among his crew, a fight breaking out between a governess and a mercenary, the Trandoshan from the crew calmly knocking back drinks while talking business, and… oh yes, a little Chadra-Fan female began staring at me. It seems as though she wants something from me…

Then excitement began! The fight between the governess and the mercanary escalated, the Trandoshan gets ambushed by Nikto dressed in primary colors, and blaster-fire is heard in earnest outside the cantina as Cavisek steps outside. The room explodes into motion, cowards flee, fools brawl, Kronk becomes upset by the scene unfolding in ‘the best cantina on Tatooine’, and I am laughing so hard my sides hurt! This is just hilarious, these are the types of scenes you could only see in those poorly made holovids, and it’s happening right in front of me!
And then, it is gone. The humor flies from me, and I stand up. Now is the time. Now is when I step in. The Trandoshan is the first to catch my attention. The fight is five vs one, terrible odds for even the toughest of fighters. The decision is made, and I declare to any who would hear, “This looks like fun! Come Kronk, murder and mayhem await!”
I tap into the Force.
And life becomes my plaything. With my outstretched hand I pluck some of the life essence from one of the Nikto assailants, and force it into the Trandoshan. The effects are impressive. (I did not expect that my powers would still function this well) The Trandoshan visibly recovers as its enemies weaken, and takes advantage, cutting into them, one after another. Kronk, perhaps reluctantly, joins in on the carnage, putting blaster-bolts into the backs of the Nikto’s. I can feel panic radiating off them… it is delicious.
They attack their original prey out of desperation, and score very lucky hits. They manage to disable an arm and a leg! The Trandoshan collapses in a gory heap, excessive wounds bleeding freely. This won’t do. I grasp the life of two of the Nikto’s and plunge it into their unconscious prey. Following this, I dig deep into my essence, and unleash a bolt of lightning on two more of the enemies, though sadly neither died instantly (disappointing, I thought, until new applications began bubbling in by mind). The Trandoshan’s wounds begin to seal, and its eyes spring open! It lashes out, carving two of the Nikto to pieces! It’s quite a sight to behold!

A voice distracts me, and I look down. It’s the female Chadra-Fan. She tells me her name, Kali. I return the kindness and introduce myself, but I insist that she doesn’t need to remember it. This throws her off a bit, but she recovers quickly and begins to explain why she approached me. It turns out, her captain (Cavisek) has taken an interest in my abilities, and wishes to hire me! And at a 9% cut of the pay as a start! I immediately agree, delighted that things are going the way that I want.

And then the cantina blew up.

Sail's Last Moments
Vescera's Mistake

Review of Neural Record log for Ver`alor Al`verde Sail “Iron Lung” Razer.
Review Conducted by Alor`ad Ellon Bluet
Month 6, Day 24, 40 years ABY.

Ver`alor Al`verde Sail’s last day was filled with combat worthy of any Mandalorian, but his death was not at the hand of the Author, as Captain Cavisek indicated. In fact, the true cause of Sail’s death was a lightsaber weilded by a member of Cavisek’s own crew. The Twi’lek Vescera struck the Ver`alor Al`verde down after the Ver`alor Al`verde spent the day fighting humans wielding Lightsabers, Bardotan cultist and someone named “The Author” who appears to be from outside of our universe. I am unable to ascertain the nature of “The Author”, however he was not the cause of Ver`alor Al`verde Sail’s Death.

When Ver`alor Al`verde Sail arrived on Camino, the facility appeared to be mostly deserted. The landing pads were occupied by Ver`alor Al`verde Sail’s starfighter, two Bardottan ships, a Lambda class shuttle, and Captain Cavisek’s light freighter.

Sail joined with Captain Cavisek’s Pirate crew, including Kali T’sabo a Chadra-Fan mechanic, Vescera a Twi’lek dancer, Kell Bastra Ace Pilot, Jer Tarkona Vandros a Half-Twi’lek combat specialist who may not be a pirate crew member exactly but worked with Cavisek anyway, Captain Boomerang of his own pirate fame, and Zol’diath"Zostra a Chiss explorer who also does not appear to be a member of the crew but is working with Ver`alor Al`verde Sail and Cavisek.

Shortly after landing they began clearing the facility. The group appears to be looking for someone named Sabawyn Xalrich, who is a young Pantoran force user who may have been involved in the destruction of Ibaar. Based on the conversations throughout the recording, Sabawyn was kidnapped by Virask Isck and taken to this facility. The group spends multiple hours discussing how to investigate the facility and speculating on what Virask or whoever is employing Virask will do with the Pantoran. Eventually, The Red Twi’lek Vescera gets fed up and pushes forward.

Sail sees this and pulls ahead of her, insisting on taking point. At this point, Sail, followed by Kell Bastra and Jer Targkona Vendros open a blast door to be greated by 3 Human with Lightsabers.

The recording cuts briefly when Ver`alor Al`verde Sail takes a couple hits from lightsabers, and returns a short time later with Captain Cavisek standing over Ver`alor Al`verde Sail with a stimpack in his hand.

After the lightsaber wielding humans are taken care of, the group continues down the corridors, with Ver`alor Al`verde Sail, Kell and Jer Targkona taking point. This time they are more careful about opening doors.

They encounter Anya Ren along with another knight of Ren and 3 storm troopers. Vescera immediatly indicates she knew they were here, to which sail responds with some surprise and anger. Sail appears to be frustrated that Vescera kept this information from the rest of the group.

The group decides to work with Anya anyway, to find whatever is happening in this facility. Anya does not appear to be here for Sabawyn.

the group keeps exploring the facility and eventually encounters a cloning chamber filled with what appear to be Bardottan cultists. During the initial exchange, Captain Cavisek is allowed to follow after Virask Isck. Shortly after Cavisek leaves, Vescera is struck with a packet of some goo. The goo immediately begins to encase her. Once she’s encased the rest of the party begins interogating the Bardottans on what is happening to Vescera and how to reverse it, but the Bardottans appear to be either unwilling or unknowing of the answer.

Sail makes the first move and rockets up to a high spot in the room. En route he is met with 20 spears that are tossed in the air toward him. A few of these strike him but he appears to be unphased. Sail’s actions immediately begin a scuffle with the Bardottans where their number is reduced to roughly 20-30 after which the Bardottans attempt to flee. They are cut off, however, when the doors close around them. Sail orders the Bardottans to drop their spears and stand in the corner. After they’re subdued, sail gathers their spears and places them on the other side of the room.

During this encounter, thousands of clones were destroyed when the cloning tower was attacked by Captain Boomerang. The clones appear to be clones of Jango Fett. Sail appears to approve in general of destroying the clones and the facility.

The stand off continues as Anya and Sail discuss what they should do next. One of the pirates (A Chadra-Fan mechanic) figures out how to look at the security cameras for where Captain Cavisek went and informs everyone that Cavisek was defeated in his encounter with Virask. Kell immediately leaves to find a way to retrieve Cavisek.

The Bardottans tell the group that Sabawyn, the person they are here to save, is with someone named the Author (Presumably the author captain Cavisek indicated was the cause of Sail’s Death upon return of his body).

Sail decides the objective is not to deal with Virask but to retrieve Sabawyn and stop whoever this Author is from doing whatever he’s doing with her.

The group follows the instructions the Bardottan’s gave them to find the author. They appear to be a bit more interested in their own internal struggles after entering this area. Sail’s armor appeared to be covered in a powder-like substance identified to be Farangal, which may have been in the air in this area. The Farangal in the air may account for the more aggressive behavior of the two Chadra-Fan and the Chiss.

The group, now down Cavisek and Kell Bastra, find “The Author”. They also bring the encased form of Vescera with them. A lot happens when they encounter “The Author”. Sail immediately opens fire on “The Author” but after several hits with blaster fire “The Author” does not appear to be affected. The wounds appear to fill with some kind of white ichor shortly after they are made.

“The Author”, seemingly unphased by anything that’s happend, simply asks what they’re there for. Sail indicates they are here for the Pantoran. “The Author” freely gives up Sabawyn who appears to be unconcious. “The Author” indicates they’ve taken something from the Pantoran to make what he refers to as his “Vessal”, presumably the form he’s inhabiting now. (Which is in fact a clone of Jango Fett, like the rest of the clones made in the facility.

Once the Sabawyn issue is delt with, There’s a heated exchange where Anya demands to know how to reverse the process currently happening to Vescera. The Author indicates 1. that Vescera shouldn’t keep fighting it and 2. the process is not reversable.

Sail decides to open fire again. There’s more scuffling after which the author’s “Vessel” is covered in more ichor. The author again does not appear phased, so he starts talking to the group again.

Captain Boomerang decides he’s going to leave. The rest of the group discuss amongst themselves and having retrieved Sabawyn decide their mission is completed. Half way through walking away, though, Anya indicates the Author should be stopped. Sail discusses this with her, apparently frustrated. Anya does present some good arguments. “The Author”, whatever it is, is likely a destablizing force in the universe and deserves to be stopped. So Sail, Anya and the Chiss return to the Author. They begin shooting, sabering, etc. but again “The Author” doesn’t appear to react although he indicates that he is trying to “Stop” them. Briefly, the Author turns his attention to Sail and the Neural record for that moment is slightly damaged, so the Author may have done something with the force to Sail’s mind at that moment.

Eventually, Anya collapses to the floor, blood leaking from every orafice on her head, presumably dead. Nothing the group is doing appears to be affecting The Author. Sail must have noticed this as he begins to flee. The rest of their party follows shortly after.

This marks the last time the Author is present in the actual recording.

As Sail is running, the facility explodes. Sail winds up in the water. Several minutes pass before Sail is retrieved by a Submarine piloted by Kell Bastra.

Present here is the entire pirate crew minus the Chiss, including The Chadra-Fan Kali, the Chadra-Fan Captain Boomerang, Captain Cavisek having been recovered from his potential watery grave, Jer Tarkona, Kell Bastra, and a Yellow Twi’lek with unusually long lekku. Sabawyn is there and appears to be in a Coma, as well as the remaining Knight of Ren who identifies himself as Erabis.

The Yellow Twi’lek, who is identified as Vescera, who was previously a red Twi’lek, during discussion, is visibly upset by her new form. While she is complaining, Sail interrupts her.

“To be fair, Vescera, you deserve whatever you got. If you were on my crew and you withheld information about what we are going to be facing, you’d be stripped of your honor!”

Vescera’s response is to draw her lightsaber and strike at Sail.

Sail falls, and his helmet appears to fall off. He lays there for several minutes before Cavisek, standing over him with a severe look on his face, looks over sail’s wounds and attempts to treat them.

The recording cuts with Cavisek’s face, an obvious defeated look on his face, watching the life leave Ver`alor Al`verde Sail’s body.

What this recording shows is Captain Cavisek lied about the cause of Sail’s death. Sail died at the hands of the Twi’lek Vescera, although her blow was only the final one. He faced several lightsabers, spears and some kind of monster in his last moments.

If Vescera had never struck Sail he may have returned to The Drastic Action alive.


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