Kell Bastra

Soldier Ace Pilot Hailing From Corellia


Kell Bastra is a human standing about 6’2" of athletic build. He has close cropped red hair, and the start of a beard. He wears a Jacket that carries the colors of the Corellian Defense Force with red Bloodstripes down the sides of his pants. He is quick to laugh and talk, but his smiles never quite reach his eyes, and he seems to perceive more than he lets on.


Kell was born as an heir to the Corellian noble family Lore. His father served in the Corellian Defense Force(CDF) during the time of the Empire. While his father was never conscripted to join the Empire during the time of the Galactic Civil War, his Father did teach at some of the Imperial Flight Academies. As Kell was nearing the age to start his schooling at the Imperial Academy the Battle of Endor was raging; soon after the Empires presence was rebelled against and the CDF took back control of the Corellian Sector. When Kell turned eighteen he enlisted in the CDF to try and challenge his piloting skills. Kell was an excellent pilot with incredible instincts, and shortly after enlisting he was recruited to the Nebula Flight. During his seven years with the CDF he earned the title of Ace with an astonishing forty-two confirmed kills. However it wasn’t until he was nearly done with his tour that he earned his bloodstripes. Kell earned his Bloodstripes during an invasion by a small fleet of slavers and pirates led by a Rodian named Tweeck Feendark. When the CDF and this fleet of pirates met, they were taken by surprise when the pirates had a Quasar Fire-Class Battleship join the battle. It seemed as though the CDF would be obliterated except Kell made a desperate, and suicidal, attempt to attack the battleship. Kell was able to maneuver behind the battleship, and get close enough to the propulsion engines, that he was within the barrier of the shields, and let loose with all of his Proton Torpedoes. That act crippled the battleship, and broke the resolve of the Pirates, allowing the CDF to rout them. However Kells ship was damaged in the ensuing explosion, and he was forced to make an “Emergency Landing” on Selonia (Over which the battle was still raging) where he was found and received medical treatment.

After that battle he received his Bloodstripes, and a recommendation that, while the CDF, and much of the Corellian system owed them their freedom and lives, it would probably be best if he didn’t re-enlist.

So Kell went off on his own, and became a Pilot-for-Hire, escorting the cargo ships of wealthy entrepreneurs and businessmen. During this time of relative peace, Kell interacted with many officers and pilots from the New Republic, and became fast friends. His name and face held a great amount of respect within the Corellian System, and tales of his deeds and exploits reached even the farthest depths of space… albeit with a great amount of exaggeration of his heroism. (His personal favorite was that he faced down an Imperial Star Destroyer left over from the battle of Endor, and destroyed it with only an old A-Wing that had been salvaged from a nearby planet.)

After earning a decent amount of money, he purchased his own star fighter and decided to see what good he could do in the galaxy. He heard about the conditions on the planet Ibar, and decided he should see for himself if they were as bad as the reports stated. When he arrived almost four months ago, he found that the conditions were worse than any reports could express. He decided then to seek out those whom might have the resources necessary to bring food into the system, hoping that his name and reputation would be enough of a bargaining chip, in addition to the money, to convince suppliers to make their way to Ibar and help.

It is at this time that he finds himself resting in a cantina during a sandstorm, when little does he know that the motley group of people whom just entered the bar, would be an even greater storm…

Kell Bastra

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