Lazlo Humperdink

The Bad cop of the Buddy cop Duo...


1 Meter Tall
Dark grey fur.
Wears and Eyepatch for show, constantly switches which eye it is on as to not weaken either eye, and tends to move it from obscuring his sight.


Born of the Planet Drall he lived a pretty simple life until a scouting agent of the corporation Genetec showed up. The man was looking for a Drall to be the other cop in a procedural cop show opposite of a Hutt. Lazlo jumped at the chance to get off world always desiring to see the galaxy which made him very strange among his people. The show went on for several seasons until, due to a recession Genetec no longer had the funds to keep the show running. Having thoroughly enjoyed his role Lazlo decided to actually start a life as a cop along with his partner in the show Moskowitz the Hutt known as “Mosko” for short. The two were a sight to behold, a Hutt Marshall, not a very common thing with a partner less than a tenth his side that has a very gruff personality opposite of the hutts upbeat and eccentric one.

Lazlo Humperdink

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