Liam Durane

Former Human Jedi that sacrificed himself to stop the Maw.



Species: Human
Age: 31
Born: 7 ABY
Home World: Kuat
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 79.4 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green


From the bustling industrial world of Kuat. Liam Durane was the fifth out of seven children in a poor family, supported by a hard working father that was a maintenance mechanic at the Kuat Drive Yards. He secretly trained in the ways of the Force, for over 15 years, by an old man simply known to him as “Quin”. His training came to an end with the unexplained disappearance of his master, leaving only a message telling him to leave Kuat to explore his connection to the Force.

Weeks later, he found passage on a small freighter called the Carnwennan. The old battered YT-1000 freighter was operated by the unlikely pair of Kali T’sabo, a Chadra-Fan mechanic, and an unusual protocol droid that designated itself as HK-77. Their journey came to a sudden stop in the Ibaar system with the failure of the ship’s hyperdrive. They set down on the planet with the intent to find parts to repair the damaged hyperdrive.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find the needed repair parts, they returned to find the ship stolen. Now stranded, with little in the way of money and supplies, Liam and his two unlikely allies now must find a way to survive on this poverty stricken world. They can only hope to find the Carnwennan before the thieves are either able to repair the hyperdrive or it is stripped down for parts.

Not long after arriving, Liam was pulled by a call through the Force to a mansion within the city of Ibaargo. Here he met a mysterious Force master he has come to know as Verne.

While continuing his training under her tutelage, he met other students of the Force. A Twilek, Lakuta Navo and a Dathomirian Zabrak by the name of Noth’lahek.

One day he felt an intense tremor in the Force. He and Lakuta were sent to a suburb in Ibaargo to investigate. They found the source of the disturbance. A young teenage girl by the name of Sabawyn.

She had a powerful connection to the Force. Her half Zeltron physiology was enhanced by the Force. Causing her to effect the entire area population to be affected by her pheromones and emotional state. Liam and Lakuta were able to withstand the effects of her Force enhanced pheromones and calm her. They brought her back to the mansion to train with Master Verne.

Over the course of time Liam began to look at Sabawyn like a little sister. He would assist with her training and meditation to help her focus her mind. Her progress has been excellent.

A few weeks later, Liam received a mysterious invitation to a Shockball game in nearby Sodium Falls. He decided to go and meet this mysterious benefactor.

He arrived at the Shockball arena and found himself in the company of some of the people he had come to know since beginning his journey. There were also other individuals of a more eclectic mix as well. Then they met their mysterious summoner. A man concealed in Mandolorian armor, who called himself Jai,Galaar.

He brought them together to perform a job. What he referred to as a simple salvage mission. This mission turned out anything but simple and began Liam turn away from the light. Throughout the course of this mission he was forced to make choices that were to preserve the lives of his team. But they cost the lives of many.

Sometime along the way of all this, he drew the eye of the dark servants of the First Order. Soon he was faced by an agent of the Knights of Ren. A powerful Yinchorri covered in armor calling himself Azalus Ren.

Azalus brought him to the mansion and handed him a lightsaber with the order to kill his current teacher Master Verne. Liam tried to resist by overloading his blaster pistol at Azalus’ feet. It did little more than scorch his armor.

Seeing no more alternatives, he faced his master and expressed his reluctance of his task. Master Verne told him this was what had to be if he had any hope of defeating Azalus Ren. As he activated the lightsaber through her chest, she handed him the mask she wore with the words, “This will aid you in your journey”. He placed the mask over his face as his master became one with the Force and her empty robes fell to the ground.

Since then he has taken time to heal from injuries he sustained during the salvage mission. Now he has begun the task of searching to find where Master Verne had sent the other students; in hope of finding Sabawyn and getting here away from Ibaar and the First Order before they discover her power.

He tracked the students to the Church of the Force, only to find it under quarantine by the Republic. They had gassed the occupants to sedate them for easier transport to a detention facility. Liam, and an unlikely gonk droid companion, defeated the Republic guards and gained entry.

After waking the members of the church, they found that all the students, to include Sabawyn, had been taken by the Republic. He also learned that a spider like humanoid, by the name of Rik’Tik’Tik, lead the troops that took them away.

With the help of Jai’Galaar and his associates, Liam was able to track their destination. They had been taken to the crash site of an ancient Battle Cruiser. Luckily, Kali and HK-77, were already there.

Before Liam could attempt to follow, he was told of a cult that was performing a dark ritual that could possibly destroy all life on Ibaar. Faced with this greater danger, he made the decision to trust his friends to infiltrate and find some way to delay Rik’Tik’Tik or get Sabawyn safely away.

Now he can only hope they he can help stop this cult and get to the crash site to help free Sabawyn.

Liam and his companions succeeded in stopping the cult’s activities. However, his hope of saving Sabawyn was torn to shreds as they arrived only to see her rage out of control from the influence of the frangawl drug. They managed to escape the planets destruction.

The experience left Liam broken and wrought with guilt. Once healed from his injuries, Liam, travels to the planet Spintir. To seek seclusion and reconnection to the Light at the Dawn Temple. A place he learned about from his teacher Quin.

Liam finally completes his journey to the Dawn Temple on the plateau of Mount Tellec. As he approaches, three forms materialize in front of him. The form bearing a resemblance to an elderly Miralukan made of pure white light began to speak. “I can feel you have strayed from the path of the Light. What is it you seek coming here?”

“I am here to find my path back to the Light. I have committed acts of great atrocity and consequence. I seek wisdom, serenity and peace. So I may become the person that I should be to help others and preserve life; not take it.

The elderly Miralukan form looks at him in contemplation. “Your words speak the truth and you carry a great burden from these actions. We are the Gatekeepers of the Dawn Temple and welcome you to begin your journey of healing.” The doors behind the Gatekeepers open, allowing Liam entry into the sanctuary.

Several months pass as Liam spends many hours in meditation under the tutelage of the Miralukan Gatekeeper known as the Jailor. His continued use of the Light side of the Force begins to gradually give him peace. Liam’s ability to move and levitate object increases alongside his control over himself.

Eventually, he is granted access to the archives and began to study, with the Curator Gatekeeper, in lessons and lore of the Jedi. After extensive teachings, he was granted the permission to learn the construction of lightsabers from the Warden Gatekeeper. The Warden tasked him with exploring the nearby caves to find a crystal that spoke to him through the Force.

Upon entering the caves, he could already feel himself being pulled by the Force’s will. Liam continued inside until he finally stood in front of a crystal formation that seemed to silently call his name. He began to channel the Light and a small portion of the crystal formation started to glow intensely. The small section detached itself and hovered before Liam for a moment before he picked it from the air with his hand. Once in his hand, the crystal filled with the color of a rich Cyan. A swirl of images filled Liam’s mind; this was the crystal that was meant to be his.

Liam returned to the temple and collected the pieces together to construct two new lightsabers. He set the parts downs in front of him with one of his own lightsabers and the new crystal he acquired. He knelt down, closed his eyes and cleared his mind. The pieces began to rise into the air and come together. Then the lightsaber he had set down began to rise up and disassemble itself, until all that was left of it was the Lorrdian Gemstone at its core. The gemstone set itself into one of the new hilts as the new Cyan colored crystal set itself into the other.

The newly finished hilts floated into Liam’s hands and he depressed the activation switches. Both lightsabers came to life with the hum of their intense power as the brilliant color of their blades reflected in Liam’s eyes. He deactivated one and placed it on his belt. From his robes he produced another lightsaber hilt. The one that he wielded when he killed Master Verne. He tossed it up and quickly pulled the second saber from his belt, reactivated it, and swung both sabers in an “X” shaped cross strike. Both blades cleanly sliced through the hilt, completely obliterating the red crystal it contained and rendering the other parts of it useless.

The form of the Jailor appeared before him. “You have been reunited with the Light. I could sense your serenity even while you destroyed that dark symbol of your past. You are indeed worthy of the title Jedi, but you must always be wary of the darkness. It will always attempt to seek you out, especially now that it knows you exist.”

Liam deactivated his lightsabers and placed them on his belt. He bowed before the elderly looking form of white energy. “Thank you. Your guidance is something I will always carry with me. I don’t know if I can ever consider myself forgiven for all the tragedy I have caused. But at least now I can begin to work towards it. I know that no one is beyond redemption, but there is no estimating how far the journey will be.”

The other two Gatekeepers suddenly materialized on either side of the Jailor. He bowed to all three, who also mimicked the gesture. With that, Liam turned around and proceeded to the exit of the temple.

Not long after, he has found himself to the spaceport, on his way to a new destination guided by the Force. Liam had spent nearly a year in the Dawn Temple and now he is prepared to venture out as a shield against the darkness for all require need of it.

Liam Durane

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