Dathomiri Zabrak magic user


Red skin, red eyes, with tattoos covering a lot of his body. His Horns protrude about 4" from his head.


Born on the planet of Dathomir he was a nightbrother he was know well in his tribe. One of the strongest and stealthiest warriors for all the males his age. His mother was a shaman in the Dreaming river clan and her mate was chosen to be a warrior behemoth for his battle prowess. Noth’Lahek was taught how to use the magic of the nightsisters in secret from a young age and it allowed him to have an advantage against the other males of his tribe. When it was found out he was learning these magics he was sentenced to be killed. Weeks before he was to be executed there was an attack on his village and he got free from his prison and was trying to escape he saw the clan mother being attacked. Without even thinking about it he ran to her aid and saved her life. After the attack was repelled and everything had calmed down he was arrested again. The clan mother then instead of executing Noth’ she decided that for his valor he was to be banished for the next 15 years… that was 14 years ago and he is counting the days that he can go home and rejoin the clan he grew up in. until then he has been doing anything that he can to survive from stealing to killing for credits.


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