Fires Of Liberty

Unexpected Luck

J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #6

Just when I thought Lilja Zepatt had drawn my number, some explosion saves me from the inside of an unregistered prison cell. All of us wake up in what passes for a field hospital on Tatooine. It doesn’t take us long to group back up and find our gear. Well most of our gear, this angry Miralukan woman’s gear was missing. She suggested a way to track down her gear with Kali’s electronic expertise.

We get a tracker and follow the signal to the ruins of Fort Tusken. We board Cavisek’s ship and proceed to low orbit to bombard any Sand People inside. Except, we found a Jawa Sandcrawler instead of Sand People. One of our new allies, Kronk, blasted it to hell. We landed and recovered the missing equipment.

We then proceeded back to Mos Eisley to see what we could find from the explosion site. In the course of our investigation, we found a datapad and a dead alien corpse that was unlike any species we know. Even more interesting, is that it created a blank spot in the Miralukan woman’s Force perception, to the point of making her blind when in close proximity.

We found a container to block the effect and took the body and datapad back to the ship. Kali retrieved the datapad contents that pointed the origin of the explosive to the Yiyar Clan. Dargrania was unable to find a way to study the body without being blinded by the whatever unusual effect emanated from the body. Cavisek decided finding a capable doctor to study this body was the more important priority and we then set course for Kessel to find a man named Theo.



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