Fires Of Liberty

Attack of the Clone Canisters.......?????

J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #4

I hate the First Order, just the Empire with a new name. The only reason I am not shooting them in the backs of their heads is we seem to want to deal with the same problem. All bets are off once we are done with the cultists and save the girl.
We headed down a couple hallways, with our temporary allies, until we came to a large clone chamber. The quickest way was going through it. Who would have even guessed there would be about a hundred Bardottans in here. Granted ten to one odds are not favorable, but I didn’t feel so worried about dealing with these guys. Cavisek managed to intimidate them into telling him where Vrask was, but they would only let him through. When Vascera tried she had some bag of yellow goop thrown on her and it seemed to expand and start swallowing her. I will admit, that did not particularly bother me. Only spent a short time around her and could tell she was a couple cards short of a full Sabacc deck.
This really pissed off that Anya woman. I thought she would be the first to start something. Sail tried using her tantrum as a distraction and use his jet boots to go over, but the Bardottans were not all quite so distracted and he caught more than a dozen spears midflight. Good thing for armor, they pretty much bounced off. Then Sail dropped a frag grenade into the middle of their pack and that’s when the fun began. Most of us went for cover as Batarang threw his lightsaber at one of the cloning platforms. He knocked down a few of the canisters right on top of the Bardottans. It was more than just a little effective. I don’t think I have seen so many people caught in a hail of shattering glass and metal. He took out at least half or a little more with that move. I tossed a concussion grenade and took out more than a dozen more. Then Anya pulled out some weird electric whip and took out a few herself.
She ensnared one with it and tried to get him to tell us how to get the goo off of Vascera. But, they did not know, the Bardottan only said that they were now one and the same. Anya did not like that answer and simply ripped him in half with that weird whip. Somehow, I heard Vascera in my head only saying, “No Force”. I don’t know if she figured out I was the half Twi’Lek that the computer said was here or if it was just a panicked cry for help. I told people what I heard, hopefully they won’t ask to much about how. After all the carnage, the remaining 20 or so Bardottans tried to flee. Only two managed to get out as Kali closed down the exits. She was able to see where the two escapees ran off too on the security feed, but there was no cameras in the chamber they went in to. We asked the remaining ones where Sabawyn was and they only said with the Author. We can only assume that the room we can’t see is where he is also located.
Kali tried to see where Cavisek was, but only saw Vrask smoking a cigar. She rewound the feed and found he had been stabbed and knocked into the water. This is when we found out Kali had lowjacked her entire crew and relayed the position information to Kell who went to try an rescue him.
While Kell went to go deal with that, we decided to go deal with the Author. We can get Vrask later, which will be easy if he does not find the tracker on his ship’s hull. Now to go find the bossman of all this hocus pocus junk and give him a blaster rifle send off with the business end.



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