Fires Of Liberty

Clone Facility Fiasco

J.T. Vandros' Log Entry #5

We stepped into the corridor only to be assaulted by some kind of particulate in the air. It turned out to be this Frawngal stuff the rest of these guys had been talking about. Everyone, besides Sail and myself, started to become increasingly aggressive. Even Kali, the most passive individual, became intent on causing mayhem. Luckily none of them were truly berserk or out of control.

We made our way into a room with some strange container hooked up to a bunch of stuff. The container opened and a cloud of Frawngal came out followed by one of those clones of that Jango Fett guy. Not taking any chances, Sail and I, unleashed bolt after bolt from our blasters. The shots went right threw leaving strange white goo leaking holes. However, this clone seemed unaffected. It open it’s eyes, but there was no color beyond white. It finally spoke saying it came in peace.

We began to engage it in conversation and it revealed itself to be the Author. We began to ask if it could reverse Vascera’s condition and simply said it could not. Then added if would would tell a butterfly to turn back into a caterpillar. It seemed to think this goo was some kind of evolutionary metamorphosis. Since we expended the questions we could on that subject, we moved on to asking about Sabawyn. He agreed to return her saying she had served her purpose. He just simply reached into his container and pulled her out.

We checked her but she appeared to be comatose. The Author explained he needed her midichlorians to complete his vessel to be durable enough to contain him. I’m no biologist, but that sounded like psycho-babble to me. The blue guy with red eyes was urging us to leave. Since our objective was Sabawyn, I agrred that leaving was the best way for us to help her. I picked her up and left for the ship with Kali and Batarang (who was lifting Vascera with that space magic I heard about when I was younger). Sail, those two Firt Order chuckleheads and the blue guy decided to stay behind and try to deal with the Author.

Not sure what happened, we were on our way to the ship when we heard an explosion and the facility began to collapse around us. Next thing I know we are being fished out of the water and brought into some submersible craft. It turned out to be Kell and he had found a very injured but alive Cavisek. We found out that the Knight of Ren, Anya, had died fight the Author. Good riddance to that First Order bitch. She was a loose cannon even before she go doped up on that Frawngal stuff. The blue guy was no where to be found, we can only assume he was caught in the explosion that destroyed the facility.

The oddities didn’t stop there. Vascera was no longer inside a big gooey glob. But her skin had turned yellow and she had lekku as long as dianoga tentacles. Then her and Sail began to argue, this resulted in Sail death by Vascera with a laser staff of some kind. Needless to say, Cavisek was not thrilled by this. Because now we had to deal with Sail’s crew on his cruiser in orbit and pissing off Mandalorians was a bad idea.

We got back into orbit and were able to deliver Sail’s remains to his crew without getting blasted into dust. Next was seeing what we could do with Sabawyn. Some of the other crew decided to go find this Liam character but didn’t know where to find him. Then the remaining Knight of Ren decided to chime in. He apparently knew his location and told us he was some kind of chosen one that would save the galaxy in its darkest time of need. From what the rest of the crew described, this Liam sounded like a real sarcastic jackass. All seems like rubbish to me. But he seems to have some kind of soft spot for this Sabawyn girl.

It got decided, we would take Sabawyn to a medical facility and then go to some place called Spintir to find this Liam. They seem to think he can help her in some way. This leads me to start thinking about the next step in my life. I have been a Soldier all my life, first fighting against a corrupt government and then fighting for the one that replaced it. All that time I have had people die around me while I lived. This curse they say Cavisek has that anyone on his crew will eventually die. Maybe we’ll see if it can beat the similar curse I seem to have gained as well. If anything, it could be fun. I guess it’s time to become a pirate. Besides, it looks like a position just became vacant.



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