Fires Of Liberty

Following the Trail

Liam Durane's Journal

I followed the call of the vision of Sabawyn to the icy surface of Hoth. Inside the remnants of an old rebel base, I felt an echo of the Force. One that was powerful and full of anger, another determined yet confused and somehow chaotic. Both equal in strength but not of who I was looking for. As I moved further in, I felt it, an echo of powerful Force energy, desperate and in pain. It was Sabawyn, she is alive and was here no more than a few days ago.

I feel pulled to someplace, a place that has been forgotten by most. An endless ocean, almost like the space between stars. Kamino……….. I read about it in the Archives at the Dawn Temple. The planet used to makes the Republic’s clone armies during the war against the Separatist Alliance. This is where I must go.



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