Fires Of Liberty

Heavy Thoughts

Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

What seemed a simple salvage job has turned into a catastrophe beyond my comprehension. Facing those cultist and the perverse way they have manipulated the force was bad enough. Having Kali use that speeder as a weapon, that is a decision I wish I never had to make. I can only hold to the thought that the ship survivors died quicker from the havoc of Kali’s speeder than from the ceiling collapsing on them, or suffering from continued attack from the cultist.

Even after getting to the freighter, nothing went smoothly. Before we could find a way to restart the ship power systems, those psychotic Thunder Company bozos showed up. Of course, it’s hard to ignore a sudden power up of what you thought was an abandoned freighter. I sent out a distress message on the emergency channel to try and keep them from discovering who we really were. I was able to convince them we were part of the crew and we’re trying to get the freighter operational after repelling a group of raiders shortly after the crash. They offered to board and assist us.

I believe we could have bluffed our way until they left, but things did not work out quite so well. Our wonderful pilot decided to lift off and nearly drop an entire junk pile on them. So now we have half a dozen pissed of Thunder Company goons trying to cut into the hull and board the ship. At least there was half a dozen until we scraped the ship against a large mound of junk and managed to “dislodge” four of them. Since we are very unlucky, none of the ones we managed to shake were the one that was cutting into the hull. I better grab one of these blood covered stimpacks rolling on the floor, because things are going to get ugly once they make it into the ship. If we make it through this and the food cargo we recover is put to helping others as I am hoping, my mind may be eased a little about the things I am having to do. Then again, if I die, it might be a moot point.



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