Fires Of Liberty

Laslo Humperdink Journal Entry #3

Things are not as they appear

I don’t know where Moskowitz was but I was cornered by the Selonian criminal we were looking for. I gave him the time of day as we seemed to have a common enemy in the video where we were fighting the Nikto squad, also he is WAY bigger than me. We had an interesting conversation and it turns out he was just an opportunist and had nothing to do with the assassination. I was pretty inclined to believe him or at least act like I did being that a Drall isn’t capable of putting up much of a fight against a Selonian.

He introduced himself as Cavisek, I did actually believe him and being that I had gotten his image plastered all over as a criminal the least I could do was fix it. We went to the authorities and got him exonerated for the crimes had had committed. It was a little strange that they were so willing to just let it slide that he had still committed a crime by stealing the truck. They seemed more interested in the Aqualish sniper Moskomitz and I had brought in. I decided to interview the man to try and find out if he had anything to do with the Nikto Squad.

The mans name was Cabo Wabo, and after a tear wrenching story it was clear that he was not a bad guy by any means. He was forced into extremism by the planets government and had a grudge against the daughter of the man he has assassinated. It was just a bad deal all around. He was one death row and before I could try to convince them to give him a lesser sentence they executed him to set an example to the planets populace. This was not justice and it made me sick to my stomach. Cavisek made it a point to call me out on “catching the bad guy”. I think there are issues on this planet bigger than trying to uphold a law in a society that clearly has none.



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