Fires Of Liberty

Laslo Humperdink's Journal Entry #2

The fuck just happened?

After Tracking down the scum aqualish sniper from the news van video and turning him in to the proper authorities Mosko and I decided to look into the video some more. We had decided that the suspicious looking Selonian was our next lead to figure out what happened and who was behind causing the riot. It was then that I felt a strange pull from the force to a certain location and as fate would have it at the same time we recieved a transmission from Jai-Galaar. It was a lead on the Selonian, saying that he would be at Rusty’s Spare parts. Moskowitz seemed to feel this was where we needed to be so I went with. When most races tower over you and your best pal in the galaxy is a hut you tend to go with the muscle.

When we arrived at the junk shop things seemed somewhat weird, this was clearly not a place of the law. We began to investigate further but became distracted as apparently there were several people that recognized us from the broadcasts. The show I guess was seen to some extent in this sector. I could not shake the feeling that the slimy Selonian we were after was near by but I could not find hide nor hair of him for some reason.

Things then began to get weird, anything the Zeltron said we agreed to without question, she seemed pretty trustworthy and for some reason I felt like we were friends. This was clearly not the case as some investigating later on brought to light but that’s currently not relevant here. Moments later the Selonian we were after entered the room and I loudly explaimed, “Criminal Scum”. The Selonian didn’t really seem very but off by this, I guess he knows hes scum. That is when I noticed there I kid you not were the Nikto Squad surrounding him and threatening him. That is when I lost sense of things, however there are benefits to having your every action video taped for a Television series. Our Producer let us comb over the footage and that is how I was able to for the most part piece everything together. This planet is ripe for insurrection it would seem and there are a lot of players in the works.



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