Fires Of Liberty

Mistakes and Aftermath

Zoldia' last moments

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s an irrefutable truth in this galaxy. And now I may be facing down the the aftermath of one of mine.
The Author, a being comprised of something I cannot explain, rose to face us in a shell created from one of the facilities clones. Vandros and Sail opened fire immediately, pouring an impressive salvo into the beings chest. All for nothing, as the holes burned into the body soon filled with a glowing white substance, that seemed to act as a substitute for the lost tissues. Is this its true body? The substance within? Or is it similar to the substance covering Vascera?
A buzzing fills my brain, making it hard to concentrate. It speaks. It claims to come in peace. It indicated it came from another galaxy, instantly making it my enemy. It had been trapped on a ring, and had only recently managed to make its way into the galaxy. It seems to think that we require the ‘change’ that was afflicting Vascera, and offered to give it, and make us better. We all voiced our rejection to his ‘gift’, It seems confused, as if It cannot comprehend why we would refuse his offerings. It addressed me briefly, calling me an “interloper”. It seems to be aware of my people’s efforts against Outsiders. It told me to deliver a message, almost outright demanding that we not interfere. I simply responded, “I think you know our answer.”
Yes. We would do what we could to discover and interfere with It’s activities.
And end his threat, one way or another.
The others have retrieved Sabawyn from the Author. A preliminary check tells me she is comatose, but alive. We agree that we need to get her and us out of here. Anya refuses. She insists on killing him, here and now. She seems to believe he is a great threat to life in the galaxy, (not wrong there) and berates us for wanting to leave without killing him.
I don’t believe we could win. Even if we all attack, we would fail. This is what runs through my mind, and I reach a decision. As everyone deliberates I finalize an entry on my personal data pad and hand it to Kali. “Only decrypt this if I…” I see a glint in her eye, “…nevermind. Decrypt it when you get back to your ship. I’ve left instructions for you on it.” It’s nothing more than a brief report about the Author; sorely lacking in data, and only containing my best guesses of what it could be, amounting to almost nothing. I also left instructions transcribed in basic for Kali to transmit the data I have accrued during my time with Sail and Cavisek’s crew. Hopefully my contacts will recover it, and make efforts to further investigate the Author. And I attached a small message to the end of the file, (against protocol, but it feels appropriate now) “Csart’avt, Ch’ah ttet’sut’un ch’abeiuh ch’at k’ihn vim vutahn recet.Ch’ah tsucarah ch’at k’ir sea Ch’ah tuzir her to k’en./Respectfully, I bid farewell to family and colleagues alike. I promise to do all I can till the end.”
As the datapad leaves my hand, I feel… refreshed? Like something lifts from my shoulders… perhaps I feel free of the burdens of my duty? Such thoughts… I’m glad none of my colleagues will know I thought such things.
Kali follows the pirate and the mercenary out, with Sabawyn and Vascera in tow. Sail and myself remain with Anya and her fellow knights. The buzzing is all I hear now. It recognizes us as enemies.
Sail is first to act, peppering our opponent with blaster fire. I follow suit, firing my rifle at It. Weaving through the blaster fire, Anya and her knights cut and stab at It, apparently damaging the clone body, but nothing seems to faze It. Sail’s attack slows, Anya crumples to the ground suddenly, she’s not moving. My second shot rings out, someone manages to hit its face, and I see horror. Something dead looks at us from inside, It shouldn’t be! It needs to die! An idea! I grab my last resort, a detonite charge, and throw with all I can muster towards It. “Run!”
The last knight tears past me as I turn to run, blast he’s fast! I think It’s going to follow, I make a choice.
One last chance for a mistake. I press the trigger.



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