Fires Of Liberty

New Knowledge

Liam Durane's Journal

Cavisek was in a fuss about getting to the Humble Process. But, when we went to leave, he did not come with us. We headed to the location of the ship. Getting there was relatively easy, but landing was complicated due to the swamp. Kell’s piloting ability was beneficial to putting Carnwennan down in a safe area. The Humble Process was just ahead of our ship about a kilometer away. Several hundred meters past that was another ship that matched up to the vision Vascera had.

We decided to proceed with caution. Kell to point to scout while the rest of us followed a little ways behind. Not much later, we heard the report of a blaster rifle. We rushed ahead to find Kell in confrontation with some kind of tree squid. Just as we reached him, the squid fell from the tree and landed on some of my colleagues. I quickly decided that getting this creature off of the members of my group was more important than trying to engage in a confrontation that could possibly result in the loss of some or all of their lives. With Vascera’s assistance, we used the Force to lift and toss the beast away from us. We then proceeded to get our injured back to the ship to be treated.

Once we recollected ourselves, we made another attempt to get to the Humble Process while keeping a close eye out for these tree squids. We made it to the ship with no further engagements. In stead of try to force our way onto the ship, we tried a different approach, we knocked. We got an answer from a droid and we able to have two people go aboard to work a deal for information. Kali and the senator entered the ship to try and secure information. While we were waiting, a Rodian arrived riding a very large Nexu accompanied by several smaller ones. He stated he had business aboard the ship and asked if we were looking to obstruct his business. We told him we were not there to stop his business. He went onto the ship with his Nexu pack in tow.

A while later, the rest of our party, and the Rodian with his pack, exited the ship. We talked to him for a couple minutes and the subject of the tree squid was brought up. He seemed quite comcerned and took off in the direction we told him it was. We headed back to our ship to await the data that was to be delivered. While waiting, the Rodian came to our ship with questions. He was able to discern that we had used the Force to throw the squid and seemed very bothered by this. Apparently the conversation with Vascera did not go in a very acceptable manner. When he got to me, he explained his feelings of the situation and his wish to protect all the creatures in the area. I explained the misunderstanding of the creatures intent and our poor choice of response and offered my apologies for the harm we caused.

He accepted that it was an unfortunate misunderstanding and cautioned against anymore such actions. I asked him what we could do to avoid anymore such situations and found he had a Force technique that could be used to calm a being to show that there was no threat. He offered to teach me this technique, which I readily accepted. Once he had completed showing me this new ability, Vascera entered the lounge area. He extended his apology to the Rodian for his behavior and asked what were we talking about. He was told of the ability and asked about its use. I demonstrated the ability by influencing a more tranquil mood to make him feel at ease. After this, we said our farewells and I thanked him for the knowledge he shared. He departed and we decided to head back to the city to go through all the data we had received from the droid captain.

The only down side is that the Rodian is also looking for the same treasure ship. While this creates a competition for finding it, I don’t feel he is a dangerous adversary. It’s possible we could end working towards the same goal together if he is willing. Hopefully we are able to present this opportunity instead of being at odds. I feel his power in the Force could overwhelm our group if we became rivals on this mission.



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