Fires Of Liberty

Oceans of Turmoil

Liam Durane's Journal

Kamino……. The other side of the Galactic Core from Hoth. It was a planet that Hoth could be if it suddenly thawed. I arrived but could not land where I felt the echo of Sabawyn coming from as there was nothing there, at least on the surface. As the ship I was on hovered above the endless waters, the echo felt different. It was as if it was incomplete, like someone had caught it in half like a piece of fruit and consumed one piece of it.

This is troublesome in a way that causes unease. There was more, but I could not sort all of it out. A familiar presence of another……….. Vascera!?!?!? Maybe my mind is playing tricks, or is it possible that Vascera and the rest of them could have been here too? The rest of the echo was unintelligible, it felt foreign and very alien. Not sure what this all means, but it is a matter best dwelled upon later.

This incomplete echo of Sabawyn, she could be in trouble. Where must I go next?……



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