Fires Of Liberty

Panic at the Disk of Clones

I write Deaths, not Maladies

Panic at the Disk of Clones:

We started working with a group of storm troopers led by a woman named Anya, and a quiet person in robes. We made our way deeper into the heart of the cloning facility. We arrived at a room filled with Bardottans. Cavisek for passage and went to deal with Vrask by himself, leaving the eight of us, and the other group of five, to deal with around a hundred bardottans. Viscera sought to bypass the opposing group, only to be stopped at spear point. She then had an exchange which left her coated in yellow goop that began to multiply and expand. Her body was flailing wildly about, but she stopped moving before we could find some way to remove the goop. As a result there was a small altercation, which resulted in nearly the whole hundred bardottans being killed. After the short fight, Kali looked through the security feeds to find Vrask, quite a bit beat up, alone on a platform. I ran to try and find an aquatic transport, luckily there was one nearby. Now to find Cavisek, who is hopefully still alive, somewhere in the giant ocean that is Kamino…



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