Fires Of Liberty

Report on Ibaar

Message from Sail to Fabon Grau, Admiral, Mandalorean Roche Fleet

From: Sail
To: Faron Grau
Subject: Ibaar Report

(Dossiers on each member of our party included)

The mission on Ibaar was overall a complete and total loss.

Things started going sideways after we (the group I arrived with and I) returned from a mission to recover food from a crashed spaceship. That mission didn’t go well either (see attached).

We met up in Jai Galaar’s office at the stadium in Sodium Falls. Jai assigned us to handle a cult called the Glorious Teeth of the Endless Maw. The cult had been existing in disguise under another beneficial cult by the name of The Order of the Unnameable Dragon. We received some equipment to help us with this, but just as we were getting settled to go we were attacked by roughly 30 Vornskr accompanied by a thunder company handler.

The dogs didn’t ask questions. We had force users in our group, so they attacked. Several of the Vornskr were thrown out of the window in addition to at least one thunder company officer.

We decided we couldn’t hold our ground, so we rushed for the hanger attached to the stadium. Jai Galaar held back to delay the Vornskr and thunder company reinforcements.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the hanger we were joined in combat by a group that calls themselves the Nikto squad. I believe they are characters in a television show who film themselves fighting actual bad guys (or people who they think are bad guys). We managed to take out one of the Nikto squad members which quickly demoralized the rest of the squad. (Shaco Clan Uss, The Trandoshan, ate the dying member of the squad. I don’t blame them for running.)

At that point we were boarding one of Jai Galaar’s ships (4r3 light freighter) when a selonian cone ship crashed into the hanger. Cavisek is betrothed on his planet to someone he apparently does not wish to be betrothed to, and his sister and fiancé had come to take him home.

We managed to get aboard the ship and escape, although Cavisek’s fiancé was also aboard (she did not disrupt our escape). On our way out we engaged two X-wing star fighters, and after we had dealt with them we also had to deal with a wumpa that managed to get loose.

Once those things were dealt with we decided to split up and lay low for a while. Veridian, The Doctor; Kali T’sabo, the mechanic and her HK-77 unit went to an ancient ship archaeology site that the republic was investigating. Cavisek and I went to find Jai Galaar. Shaco and Vascera, the Twi’lek, went to the church where the Glorious Teeth of the Endless Maw were hiding. Liam Durane, the force user, and the Gonk droid who calls themselves “Beep Boop” went to a temple of the force.

Vascera turned out to be force sensitive and sniffed some powder the cult was distributing as a drug. I believe the drug is called “Farengal”. According to his account he saw terrifying visions and dreams. Shaco found out who ultimately was in charge of what was going on in the church, but was also terrified and fled.

Cavisek and I investigated individually on who we might get in touch with to find out if Jai’Galaar had made it out of the stadium. We contacted Dangerous Dan, who gave us contact information. To use it we needed to head to a communications tower. Since we were wanted for questioning and there were checkpoints all over the city, we took the sewers through the city to the comm tower.

When we arrived it turned out the comm tower was besieged by “Terrorists” who ended up being Jai Galaar and Death Watch. We convinced the civilians to leave through the sewers we had just come out of and joined with the “Terrorists.”

Jai informed us that things already in motion we’re going to lead to the possible destruction of the planet. There were two situations that needed our attention. The first was the death cult. The second was the ancient starship.

We opened communications amongst our group and decided who was going to go where. We decided the church needed the majority of our attention, however the folks that were already at the ship were to remain and handle the situation there even though there were only 3 of them.

The church was shaped very much like a comm tower. I took several scans of the walls of the tower looking for signals and I think I’ve found something. I haven’t been able to ascertain the purpose of the signal. I will include the raw scan data in this report for review.

In general things went well in the church. When we arrived in the basement we were greeted by an outlaw named Malcom Cash Nash and a Bothan who turned out to be a robot. As soon as we arrived Kell Bastra fired upon Cash Nash and the fighting began. The bothan pulled a thermal detonator and armed it on a dead man’s switch. Most of our party immediately fled the scene. Cavisek and I remained.

In the basement of the church, Cavisek demonstrated courage and honer befitting any Mandalorean, despite not being one himself. I watched him rip the Arm holding the detonator from the Bothan. Once I saw he had the detonator I also fled the scene. As I was running up the stairs the detonator went off. I didn’t assume him dead but I decided checking when it’s possible the building might collapse wouldn’t be smart. Vascera went back to save him while Liam and I carried Kell, who had been knocked unconcious by the blast, out of the building.

Our group reformed with Cavisek, who was revived with stimpacks. Although his fur was mostly gone (as you’ve seen) he was still in place. He claims the detonator went off in his hands as he stared down the Bothan. From what he says he caught a glimpse of the Bothan’s cybernetic body as the Bothan was ripped to shredds and he was knocked unconcious. Had he died his death would have been glorious. By living through that he has received a great deal of my respect.

After we gathered together we managed to get in contact with Kali. Veridian and the HK-77 unit were both taken out of commission and Kali was left on her own. She had managed to take technical control of the ancient ship and discovered the ship uses a force user’s connection with the force to fly. Rik’Tik’Tik, a comp troller for the republic, had apparently captured and drugged 12 force users from a force church on the planet. She had disabled the connection to the engines and locked Rik’Tik’Tik out of the engine room before she was discovered. She managed to convince the Guards who found her she was a lost archaeological assistant. They took her back to Rik’Tik’Tik. Rik’Tik’Tik discovered how she had locked the engine room door and restricted it to the console in the central data cluster of the ship, managing to get the doors open.

Rik’Tik’Tik continued to struggle to get the engines working. He managed to convince Kali the reason they needed the ship to take off, despite not really knowing enough about it, and despite kidnapping force users, was because an asteroid was going to crash into the planet and they needed the ship to shoot down the asteroid. Because of the asteroid field currently surrounding the planet this seemed like a likely story. Kali re-enabled the engines and the ship lifted off using the power of the force users.

Kali brought this to us, and I called a friend of mine in the spaceport to ask about any asteroids headed toward the planet. It turned out there was one but it wasn’t due to hit the planet for two weeks, so we advised Kali to stop Rik’Tik’Tik from doing whatever it was he was doing. We never discovered the actual reason he wanted to take control of the ship.

She cut power to the engines, not realizing the ship was already very high in the air. The ship crashed in the desert. Many of the people on the ship died, but that is not the worst of it.

Attached is an audio recording of an exchange between Kali T’sabo and Sabawyn Xalrich, one of the force user’s kidnapped by Rik’Tik’Tik.

The Drug Rik’Tik’Tik was feeding to the force users appears to have granted them a great deal of extra power. Sabwyn, in her grief, destroyed the planet. Millions of innocents lost their lives. Most of them will have no one alive to witness their death.

Before we left I attempted to contact several people associated with Death Watch, including Jai Galaar. His direct comm did not appear to be responding. I do not know for certain his status at this point. Malcom Cash Nash is also presumed alive, although we do not know his whereabouts and we do not know what he was trying to accomplish in the basement of the church.



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