Fires Of Liberty

Rescue of Sacrifice

Liam Durane's Journal

We came out of the gas induced coma to find we were being released from the Pirate Queen’s captivity. Cavisek had somehow managed to broker a deal, one that had a steep cost in life and personal sacrifice to himself, that resulted in the loss of one of his own eyes. Any skepticism of Cavisek’s morality to his crew or companions I had in the past has been wiped away. While I do not approve of some of his methods, he is true to everyone that came with him at the beginning of this expedition.

The only stroke of luck is that Kali had purchased a cybernetic eye out of curiosity for her love of technology and tinkering. So Cavisek’s handicap will be remedied. This Knight of Ren is troubling however. She is inquiring on the events of Ibaar and seems to be trying to ingratiate herself with the others. I don’t know her exact goal, but I will remain vigilant. Not to mention Momon seems to be very chummy with her, this makes me far more suspicious of him. Since joining us he has worked at trying to drive a wedge between me and everyone else. I do not trust him.



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