Fires Of Liberty

The things we do...

An review of this insane situation

The situation I find myself in is, troublesome, to say the least. Attempting to recover one of the group from a gelatinous mass that’s bonded with them seemingly on a genetic level, whilst surrounded by a cacophony of metal, glass and flesh being smashed and torn apart by explosions and exotic weapons, I find myself contemplating the insanity of my recent life troubles.

Following the pull of a ‘vision’ I experienced, not something I would normally consider a sane thing to do, has led me on this insane chase after the force-sensitive girl that Sail and his allies are hoping to rescue. The path has been rife with difficulties, stemming from the cultist presence that continually impedes our progress.
Chasing the target who stole the girl away, one Captain Virask Isck, our assorted groups arrived on the planet Kamino. Observations from the outside indicate that several factions seem involved in the facilities here, noteworthy ones being First Order transports and Bardottan ships. After finishing a light clash with some cultist figures from the Endless Maw, which Sail took an unfortunate beating from I might add, we ran across several figures from the First Order. Vascera showed some degree of familiarity with one of them, greeting her as Anya. These individuals where apparently here chasing someone called ‘the Tailor’ and where obviously at odds against the cultists present. Presented with an opportunity, our group (despite obvious hesitation on the part of some), exchanged what information we had, and set forward in search of our objectives. Only for us to reach our current scenario, facing a hundred or so Bardottan Frangawl cultists. Cavisek managed to bypass them in search of Virask, leaving us facing the Bardottans. Then things got messy, starting with one of the cultists dousing Vascera in a yellow gelatinous substance that enveloped and is seemingly bonding with her, followed by a period where our group attempted to help get her out (to no avail) and prepped to fight. Anya, apparently enraged by this happening to Vascera, demanded the Bardottans reverse what they did, only for them to repeatedly claim that they cannot. Then the fight began.
Prioritizing Vascera’s condition, and being likely the only member with medical training, I donned a rebreather and dragged her into cover, and began to work on the substance. Unfortunately, it looks like it has already bonded to her, much like the cultists seemed to claim it would do. Working on it, I feel as though I may know of a procedure that may permit separation, but for now I will have to focus on keeping her health stable, considering the effects I see from some of the groups attempts to free her.
Finishing my analysis, I’ve observed my surroundings to find that, once again, this group has proven as destructive as I have heard. Several cloning platforms within the room had fallen on the majority of the enemy combatants, and the sculag who survived the crash and the attacks of my companions where being cowed into submission by Sail and Anya. (He displays some reckless behavior amidst this group, but in moments where his leadership is tested, he proves to be a valuable asset.) Kali is accessing the security systems, apparently hoping to locate Cavisek, and will hopefully provide us with directions to our objective.

… Grim prospects await us. Cavisek apparently fought Virask, but is now awash at sea. Dead or alive, we don’t know yet… we will have to await Kell’s return for news on that front. (It would be quite a shame to lose him, as he seems to provide the greatest direction to the group) For now, we pursue Sabawyn, who is apparently in the clutches of someone our prisoners seem to revere, but will not elaborate on. With two of our number incapacitated or dead, and another absent to search, the rest of us make our way towards our destination…



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