Fires Of Liberty

There's what on the ship?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Liam Durane's Inner Monologue

“So the Nikto Squad was a bit of a pain, but we handled it and reduced their membership by one. The Selonians were unexpected, but were not much of an inconvenience. Then came the republic X-wing fighters, with Kel at the helm and Kali in engineering, we came out of it in pretty good shape. However, knowing there are 3 Wampas in big crates stored in the cargo hold might be of some interest to the rest of us. You know, in the event one got loose and started rampaging through the ship……………. Oh yeah, that did happen!!!!!!!! Thankfully we had a 7 foot space otter and the most indestructible Gonk droid in existence to keep that problem from getting out of hand. The scariest part, is me and Cavisek are suddenly on the same wavelength………… Yup, this whole dark side thing is a hot mess of a mind job.”

“But for now, there are more important things to take care of. I have to find Sabawyn and the other students. I can only hope there is a way to get them, or at least Sabawyn, away from this god forsaken world before what I have endured endangers them as well. I must protect Sabawyn from the First Order and the Knight of Ren that has come to this world. She deserves to be untainted by the darkness and stay in the light so she can see her parents again with the help of the Force.”



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