Selonian Space Pirate


Cavisek is tall and brawny Selonian, especially for a male of his species, clocking at about 2.1 meters tall and about 110 kilos. His fur used to be a dark shade of black, but his adventurous life and age has started to turn him grey. He has been flying, fighting, and dealing around the galaxy for approximately 52 years standard, making getting up there in years, but he uses vast experience and knowledge to keep ahead of his younger, and dumber competitors.

Cavisek grew up in one of the many warrens of Selonia. He was raised like most of his race and gender to believe that females were the rightful rules of him and his like. Unfortunately for Cavisek, and the females above him, he always felt oppressed and it never sat well with him to be oppressed. Cavisek continued his life of servitude for years, until one day his luck would change, for better or worse. One day, while going about his menial task, for that is all the higher females ever allowed Cavisek to do, he was being supervised by a particularly nasty female called Marasoon. Marasoon was Cavisek’s least favorite overseer, because Marasoon was small for a female, only as large as a male. Cavisek


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