'Momon Goboba' - Cato Avvar

"A man can have everything, if he is willing to sacrifice..." -Emperor Valkorion


‘Momon’ is a 5’9" human with a fit build. Notable features include his raven black hair sporting splotches of encroaching grey, and his piercing blue-gray eyes.
Under his dark robes, his aged features show the marks of a well traveled being. To the observant, dozens of faded marks and scars beg stories of adventure, triumph, betrayal and loss.


‘Momon’ was born on the core world of Coruscant to the small and happy Avvar family. Named after his late grandfather, Cato Avvar would have likely grown to be a hard working factory laborer in the nearby CoCo Town factories, but his destiny was altered with a visit from the Jedi. Sensing the child’s connection to the force, a Jedi recruiter arrived and informed the family of his potential. After a time of deliberation, the family ultimately was convinced to allow Cato to follow a greater destiny. Thus, he was taken from his family to learn the way of the jedi, and to become a protector of peace in the galaxy.

Raised and trained by the Jedi Order, Cato was trained among other younglings under the greatest of Jedi teachers. During his growth, he displayed a keen interest in the history of the galaxy, and came to possess a remarkable talent in saber combat, choosing to specialize in Form II: Makashi. Studious and driven, Cato passed his trials and obtained the rank of Knight at the age of 20.

Three years later, the Clone Wars began in earnest, and the fall of Cato Avvar began. An instructor in the Jedi temple, Cato was among the first wave of Jedi to be called to fight the Battle of Geonosis. Showing a knack for leadership, Cato was given an honorary rank as a general of the Republic, and was given command of clone troops to fight for and defend the Republic. The following years would be hell.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, Cato had tasted of the dark side. Like many of his fellow Jedi, war exposed him to the worst the galaxy had to offer. Brutality of the Separatist war machines, the senseless slaughter of innocent and guilty alike, the loss of many friends and comrades among his fellow Jedi and the clones he lead. His experiences brought him ever closer to the Dark Side, and he found himself relying more and more on his emotion and drive to live, slowly losing grip on the teachings of the Jedi. What likely drove the final wedge between Cato and his adherence to the Jedi teachings was the betrayal of Padawan Barriss Offee whose violent bombing of the temple and shocking accusations of the Jedi having lost their way, struck a chord within him. Disillusioned and having lost hope in the Jedi and the Republic, he fell easy prey to the words of the servants of the Sith Lord.

Upon the reorganization of the Republic into the Empire, Cato Avvar was recruited among others to serve the Empire under the direct order of Darth Vader, as a member of the Imperial Inquisitorius. Leaving his name behind, and receiving his rank as the Thirteenth Brother of the Inquisitorius, he was tasked by Vader to hunt and kill the survivors of Order 66, and to seek out and abduct any force sensitive children for the Empire.

In his years of service to the Empire, he dueled and killed nearly two dozen of his former comrades in single combat, and abducted numerous force sensitive children for his masters. His ability earned him the ire of some of his fellow “red blades” in the Inquisitorius, who assumed he was attempting to usurp their positions in the hierarchy. In particular he created a bitter rivalry between himself and the Tenth Sister, as they frequently competed with each other for the glory of finding and killing particularly challenging and elusive targets.

The days of the Inquisition would not last, and as the Sith Lords became confident in their perceived eradication of the Jedi, the Inquisition was disbanded. Fearing destruction at the hands of his former masters, he fled to the outer reaches of space and sought out places to escape the reach of the Empire. In an attempt to make a living, he forged himself the persona of ‘Momon’ and set to work crafting a reputation as a hunter of all. If you had credits, Momon would hunt down any man, beast, or object you desired, and no job was beneath him. This lifestyle became his all for the duration of the Galactic Civil War, and he made a name for himself hunting, and if paid to, killing anyone from the rich and aristocratic to the lowest scum of the galaxy.

Years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, age began to weigh on Momon. Sinking into an apathetic slump, Momon retired from his life as a hunter, and sought solitude in the remote reaches of space. During his hermitage, he wandered the galaxy and sought new meaning to his life. He found it on the planet of Korriban. Finding tombs ancient beyond reckoning, Momon experienced a surge of academic curiosity from his younger years. He immediately set to work deciphering the origins of the tombs.

Ten years have passed and an elderly man with no name has reemerged into the galaxy. Spending years obsessively researching the Sith tombs of Korriban, he now strides forth to find relics of the empires of millennia ago, desperately craving the dark secrets to the Force they will reveal to him. He will not rest until he has discovered the lost secrets of the most powerful force user that ever lived in the galaxy. He has a name, and he will not rest until he has sought out all secrets bound to this name.

The name he seeks: Vitiate.

The man known as Momon perished aboard the Mizer’s Courage. He succumbed to terrible wounds after defeating two Yiyar combatants. Only time will tell if his actions managed to preserve the lives of his comrades.

'Momon Goboba' - Cato Avvar

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