Usher Carlisle

Rich man and leader of the local Human League


Grizzled older dark skinned human greying at the temples. Dresses in an impeccable black suit at all times, with an locutor’s device.


Usher Carlisle was the owner of the Carlisle Mining Corp and patriarch of the Carlisle family. A longtime Human supremacist, he learned at a young age to hate aliens due to his father getting killed on Tatooine, a lowly iron worker in Mos Shuuta. Resh Carlisle was covered in molten slag, and turned into a human statue when Usher was only 12. His mother took him to Ibaar, where he got in with the local mining crews and eventually made enough money to stake his own claim. He left for a bit to join the Imperial army, where he served with distinction, saving the life of a Moff. He eventually became disillusioned with the Empire’s tactics and practices, and helped the Rebels take his Imperial Listening Post without firing a shot. He excelled at nonviolent solutions to combat.

Usher was softening in his old years. He was trying to turn the Human League into an aid organization and less of a racist one, but met much resistance from his followers. He convinced them to go into their food reserves and give generously to whom they could.

His life was claimed by Cabo Wabo, an Aqualish Rebel Alliance sniper, now retired in a riot in front of a closed down Moffice’s Grocers.

Usher Carlisle

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