A chiss who asks questions


If you ask Zoldia, “Why are you out here?” his likely response will be, “I’m watching.”
If you ask, “What are you watching?” he will always say, “Everything.”

Species: Chiss
Height: 5’9"
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Red


Zoldia lived a life tied to a family living in shame. The Zostum family, long time friends to the Irokini family, where among those to suffer from the actions of one Verne’sin’irokini. Having lived his life to adulthood, burdened by this stigma, Zoldia decided to right the wrongs of the Irokini, and redeem the families.
After several years of specialized training, Zoldia has struck out into the galaxy, searching for the traitor who has eluded his people for decades. He will discover her fate, and is determined to return what she has stolen to its rightful place.

He will do right as he can, for his family, and his people.


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