Fires Of Liberty

The beginnings of my life as a pirate!

Dargrania's monologue

My name is Dargrania. I have many other names, but this is the only one I’m giving out to vermin like you. You might be wondering why I’m monologuing to myself like this; and the answer comes in two parts!
First, I’m crazy! Yay me!
Second, I’m pissed off and bored with this dusty world, I have to entertain myself somehow! (Oh, and before I forget, a quick shoutout to any fellow mind-readers! Wooo!!! Btw, definitely gonna kill you!)

So the first thing to cover is where the hell am I, and what is my situation…
My situation started with awakening in a device I did not recognize, and locked in a facility I could not remember. As I groggily checked myself over, I realized I was wearing my armor, and my weapon still hung on my belt. This did lead to some confusion, as my presence here is likely thanks to one of my many enemies. Realizing that my life may be in danger, I began to make my way outside. I emerged from the facility (half buried in a mountain of sand) that held me, with a battered and broken body screaming about wounds I cannot recall taking. It took all of my strength just to call upon the Force to help move my body the way I wanted.
It was almost two days before I found something alive out there. I consumed it, and my march continued. Eventually, I was lucky enough to come across some scavengers who where poking around the desert. I helped myself to their food and water supplies, along with a medical kit they won’t be needing, and moved on towards the nearest source of civilization. My strength is returning slowly. Far too slowly… the excess of my strength, I feel, has been ripped away. I fear I am a shell of my former self…

So I found out I’m on Tatooine. One of my two least favorite planets. Hurling curses into the cosmos, I decide to take swift action, and find someone to get me off this world. Naturally, I started with a cantina. Specifically, a cantina by the name of “Kings Curse” or something like it… (didn’t care much about the name, I just wanted a drink and a place to sort out a way off this planet) So I walk in, and all the wary patrons turn their heads to me for just the briefest of moments. I stretch my senses across the room, hoping to get a feel for the crowd. Some eye me with suspicion, but most seem unimpressed, and return to their drinks and conversations. Not surprising really, seeing as several of the customers here are flaunting even more outrageous getups than I. “This will do”, I think to myself, and I move to the bar to order my drink. With drink in hand, (‘Reactor Core’ for any of you knowledgeable drinkers) I move through the tables, reading their thoughts as I pass, looking for anyone worth interacting with. (Nothing, no skill, disgusting, amusing: but no.) Then finally, something interesting. The Klatooinian in the back, he catches my attention; firstly by being the least hostile mind in the lot of them, secondly, he seems… durable. Far more durable than most of these scraps of meat. I approach and motion toward the seat across from him. He nods in acceptance, and I sit.

Introductions are made; his name is Kronk, this is the best cantina on Tatooine (according to him, of course), and he won’t be able to remember my name. I admit his straightforward nature caught me a bit off guard. Attempting to recover, I reached for his mind, and found simple clarity. His thoughts matched his words almost precisely, and I could feel thoughts of worry towards my apparent blindness (according to his perspective) starting to form as he declared he would simply call me ‘Blind’. I chuckle at this, and assured him that this would be fine, and I let him start rambling on about how great this cantina is. His nature is amusing. I think I will keep this one for the time being.
After a time, figures of some note began to enter. Kronk, still describing the goings on here (his misguided attempts at aiding me are so amusing), begins to point out the ones he can recognize; the tall male Selonian (huh, that’s rare) and the male Chadra-Fan where Cavisek and Batarang, pirates of some note in the criminal circles, followed by what seem to be their crews. I immediately perk up at this; “Pirates!” I whisper giddily to myself. I’ve always liked pirates! Such amusing stories they have! I decide then and there that one of them will be my way off planet. Having no basis for this decision, and no knowledge of who they are (which is strange now that I think about it… I know a good number of the noteworthy criminals…), I decide to read them while I listen to Kronk continue his narrations.
A few things happened around this time, but I didn’t care about them, so all they get is a slight mention. Something about several people approaching Cavisek to ask for a place among his crew, a fight breaking out between a governess and a mercenary, the Trandoshan from the crew calmly knocking back drinks while talking business, and… oh yes, a little Chadra-Fan female began staring at me. It seems as though she wants something from me…

Then excitement began! The fight between the governess and the mercanary escalated, the Trandoshan gets ambushed by Nikto dressed in primary colors, and blaster-fire is heard in earnest outside the cantina as Cavisek steps outside. The room explodes into motion, cowards flee, fools brawl, Kronk becomes upset by the scene unfolding in ‘the best cantina on Tatooine’, and I am laughing so hard my sides hurt! This is just hilarious, these are the types of scenes you could only see in those poorly made holovids, and it’s happening right in front of me!
And then, it is gone. The humor flies from me, and I stand up. Now is the time. Now is when I step in. The Trandoshan is the first to catch my attention. The fight is five vs one, terrible odds for even the toughest of fighters. The decision is made, and I declare to any who would hear, “This looks like fun! Come Kronk, murder and mayhem await!”
I tap into the Force.
And life becomes my plaything. With my outstretched hand I pluck some of the life essence from one of the Nikto assailants, and force it into the Trandoshan. The effects are impressive. (I did not expect that my powers would still function this well) The Trandoshan visibly recovers as its enemies weaken, and takes advantage, cutting into them, one after another. Kronk, perhaps reluctantly, joins in on the carnage, putting blaster-bolts into the backs of the Nikto’s. I can feel panic radiating off them… it is delicious.
They attack their original prey out of desperation, and score very lucky hits. They manage to disable an arm and a leg! The Trandoshan collapses in a gory heap, excessive wounds bleeding freely. This won’t do. I grasp the life of two of the Nikto’s and plunge it into their unconscious prey. Following this, I dig deep into my essence, and unleash a bolt of lightning on two more of the enemies, though sadly neither died instantly (disappointing, I thought, until new applications began bubbling in by mind). The Trandoshan’s wounds begin to seal, and its eyes spring open! It lashes out, carving two of the Nikto to pieces! It’s quite a sight to behold!

A voice distracts me, and I look down. It’s the female Chadra-Fan. She tells me her name, Kali. I return the kindness and introduce myself, but I insist that she doesn’t need to remember it. This throws her off a bit, but she recovers quickly and begins to explain why she approached me. It turns out, her captain (Cavisek) has taken an interest in my abilities, and wishes to hire me! And at a 9% cut of the pay as a start! I immediately agree, delighted that things are going the way that I want.

And then the cantina blew up.



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